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Professor Trina Myers
Professor in Information Systems
Science and Engineering Faculty,
School of Information Systems
+61 7 3138 0343
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Doctor of Philosophy (James Cook Uni. of North Qld)

Professional memberships
and associations
  • 2020 – current – President, Australian Council of Deans ICT
  • 2018 – 2020 – Vice President, Australian Council of Deans ICT
  • 2018 – current – Treasurer, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE)
  • 2017 – current – Program Chair – International Conference on Health Information Science (HIS)
  • 2017 – current – Program Chair – Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE)
  • 2017 – current – Executive Committee, Australian Council of Deans ICT
  • 2017 – current – Program Chair – Joint International Semantic Technology Conference (JIST)
  • 2014 – current – Member of Australian Council of Deans ICT
  • 2012 – current – Member of the Townsville ICT Business Network (TICTBN)
  • 2012 – current – Senior Member Australian Computer Society – Certified Professional


Trina is a Computer Scientist and the Academic Lead, Learning and Teaching for the School of Information Systems at QUT. Trina is the current President of the Australian Council of Deans of ICT (ACDICT) that aims to promote and advance ICT education, research and scholarship on behalf of Australian universities.

Previously, Trina was the Head of Information Technology at JCU across all campuses (Townsville, Cairns, Singapore and Brisbane).


Trina’s research interests span both Technology-based research and Learning and Teaching-based research.

Trina’s Technology-based research interests focus predominately on semantic technologies, sensor technologies, data and knowledge management, collective intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Semantic technologies (linked data) are a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables the integration of knowledge, information and disparate data. She works predominantly in multi-disciplinary research projects that have included other disciplines such as Health Science, Archaeology, Marine and Environmental Science, Conservation Management, Aquaculture, AgTech, Economics, Business, among many others.

Trina’s current research projects include: semantic enablement of IoT and collective intelligence for more efficient water conservation resource management; data and AI-driven virtual reality environments; and combining text mining with semantic context for intelligent data extraction from the information found on the Web (current applications are in the mining and tourism sectors).

Trina’s Learning and Teaching-based research interests currently focus on three areas:

Academic integrity – Trina is presently working on a project in collaboration with University Newcastle, USC and QUT that aims to build student comprehension of academic integrity in computing degrees.

Longitudinal learning and authentic assessment – Trina is exploring how differing initiatives in longitudinal learning and authentic assessment in design thinking/studio curriculum compare between regional and metropole universities.

Active learning in Online Learning Environments – Trina is continuing to investigate best practices in integrating active-learning to engage online students to learn in both synchronous and asynchronous modes from previous projects she has led.

This information has been contributed by Professor Trina Myers.


Teaching Awards:

  • 2020 – Asia-Pacific International Triple E Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year Award (1st runner-up)
  • 2019 – Australian Computer Society, National Digital Disruptor ICT Educator of the Year 2019, Gold Disruptor.
  • 2016 – Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion
  • 2014 – Queensland ICT Educator of the Year (AIIA iAwards)
  • 2014 – Australian ICT Educator of the Year (AIIA iAwards)
  • 2013 – OLT Australian Award for University Teaching – Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. Office for Learning and Teaching 2013
  • 2013 – JCU Early Career Researcher Adviser of the year 2013
  • 2012 – Faculty of Law Business and Creative Arts Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning 2012
This information has been contributed by Professor Trina Myers.


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