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Mrs Mellini Sloan
Lecturer Urban & Regional Planning
Science and Engineering Faculty,
Civil Engineering and Built Environment,
Property and Planning
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Urban and Regional Planning
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Master of Science (Environmental Engineering Sciences) (University of Florida), Bachelor of Science (Environmental Studies) (Florida State University), PhD Candidate (Urban & Regional Planning) (Florida State University)

Professional memberships
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Member, Planning Institute of Australia


climate change adaptation, coastal management, conflict resolution, disaster planning and response, environmental planning and management, place dynamics and active transport, policy innovation, quantitative analysis, technology and policy adoption, urban hydrology

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Mellini Sloan has been a lecturer in Urban & Regional Planning at the Queensland University of Technology since May 2009. Prior to arriving in Queensland, Mellini worked as an environmental engineering consultant to local governments in Florida (the other sunshine state) as well as state and federal environmental agencies, advising clients on issues related to the interfaces between water and the built environment, including options for water supply, stormwater, and wastewater management. Mellini’s current research examines the role of crises, communication, and prior actions in decision-making processes and outcomes, specifically focussing on challenges for local councils related to increasing community resilience to climate change. Mellini is primarily interested in collaborating on or supervising projects which fall within the following areas:

  • Disaster management: scenario planning; infrastructure resilience; change management; adaptive response
  • Environmental planning and policy: water resource sustainability; integrated water resource planning; ecosystem restoration and management
  • Urban and regional planning: urban resilience; land use policy
  • Place dynamics: sense of place and inter-relationship with active transport behaviour
  • Technology and society: technology adoption; regulatory frameworks; politics of expertise
  • Planning history: early twentieth century US; contemporary Australia


  • Imon Chowdhoree (PhD, Thesis under Examination (November 2017) Endeavour Scholarship Recipient) – “Impacts of Structural Mitigation Measures on Perceptions of Community Flood Resilience: Experiences from Haor Communities of Bangladesh” – Associate Supervisor (with Professor Les Dawes, Principal Supervisor)
  • Prananda Navitas (PhD, Indonesian Government Scholarship Recipient) – “Impacts of Socioeconomic and Building Characteristics on Residential Fire Risk and Community Resilience in Indonesia” – AssociateSupervisor (with Professor Doug Baker, Principal Supervisor)


  • Lachlan McClure (PhD, 2016, QUTPRA Scholarship Recipient) – “Planning for Climate Change Adaptation in a Neoliberal Context” – Associate Supervisor (with Professor Doug Baker, Principal Supervisor)
  • Trimulyani Sunarharum (PhD, 2016, DIKTI and QUTPRA Scholarship Recipient) – “Collaborative Planning for Disaster Resilience: the Role of Community Engagement for Flood Risk Management” – Associate Supervisor (with Connie Susilawati, Supervisor)
  • Murray Lane

If you are interested in working with Mellini as a postgraduate student, please email with a short summary of your previous education and research interests, as well as:

  • an indication as to whether you are interested in pursuing a Masters degree or a PhD
  • your intended commencement date
  • funding you may have already secured to support your research (QUT does offer funding, but some international students secure external funding from either the Australian Government or their own government
  • IELTS or other English language proficiency test scores (for international students only)
  • transcripts for any previous studies
  • a resume or cv outlining professional experience and publications, if any

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Units at QUT

  • Environmental Planning & Management (UDB370) – Semester 2 2009-2015 – diverse  cohort of upper level students (predominantly planners, engineers, and designers)
  • Environmental Planning & Analysis (UXH331) – Semester 2 2016 onwards – diverse cohort of upper level students (predominantly planners, engineers, and designers)
  • Negotiation & Conflict Resolution (UDB369 / UXB232): Semester 1 2010 onwards, Semester 2 2015 onwards – diverse cohort of mid-upper level students (predominantly planners and construction managers, as well as students undertaking QUT’s Project Collaboration minor)
  • Introduction to Planning & Design (UDB161): Semester 1 2010-2013
  • Imagine Planning & Design (UXB131): Semester 1 2014

Other Units

  • Collective Decision-making (Florida State University)

Teaching Awards

  • QUT Planning Student Association Students’ Award for Excellence in Teaching 2009

Undergraduate Thesis Supervision

  • Phoebe Beynon, 2016
  • Andrew Eldridge, 2016
  • Elizabeth Entriken, 2016
  • Keanu Johnston, 2016
  • Matthew Leman, 2016
  • Anushma Sharma, 2016
  • Tyson Ryan, 2015 – “How Street Utilization is Influenced by the Provision and Quality of Suitable Space”
  • Larissa Huber, 2015 – “Strategically Planning for School Capacity in Inner City Brisbane”
  • Aaron Simmonds, 2015
  • Alexandra Fry, 2014
  • Luke Hawkins, 2014
  • Toby Vann, 2014
  • Charlotte Alchin, 2013
  • Ruby Burns, 2013,”Public Engagement Strategies and Technically Complex Issues”
  • Melissa David, 2013
  • Rebecca Draheim, 2013 – “An Insight into Young Planners’ Perspectives on Affordable Housing and Smart Growth in Brisbane”
  • Hilary Grulke, 2013 – “Queensland’s Young Planners: Understanding their Attitudes, Perceptions and difficulties”
  • Alyce Keen, 2013
  • Joshua Haliyanti Limbong, 2013 – “Pedestrian Route Choice Behaviour Using GIS: Case Study of Brisbane’s City Centre”
  • Jenita Porter, 2013
  • Shilo Quinnell, 2013
  • Alexandra Moore, 2012
  • Leighton Armitage, 2012
  • Emily Argent, 2012 – The Social Implications of Cycles on Far North Queensland”
  • Karen Delaney, 2012
  • Joshua Maunder, 2012 – “Impacts of Personal Perceptions on Evacuation Intent: The Link between Evacuation Behaviour and Perceptions of Evacuation Routes”
  • Michael Rookwood, 2012
  • Ellen Dwyer, 2011
  • Brenton Josey, 2011
  • Samantha Loxton, 2011
  • Lachlan McClure, 2011
  • Tristan Miles, 2011
  • Tina Piggott, 2011
  • Stephen Pyrih, 2011
  • Kloe Robinson, 2011
  • Jenna Kljaic, 2010
  • Sarah Stirling, 2010
This information has been contributed by Mrs Mellini Sloan.



Government (State, Local)

  • Environmental Specialist III, Office of Water Policy, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 2003-2004. Worked with senior management, general counsel, and stakeholders on regulatory and other policy issues.
  • Environmental Specialist III, Water Quality Standards and Special Projects, Florida Department of Environmental Protection,2002-2003. Worked with senior management to draft policy strategies, oversee technical advisory committee, and interact with federal and internal agency staff to ensure compatibility with multi-level initiatives.
  • Environmental Manager, Stormwater / Nonpoint Source Management, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 1998-1999. Worked with agency staff to identify and develop analytic tools to facilitate program implementation. Interacted with contractors and budget offices, providing oversight for university research grants.
  • Watershed Management Intern, Leon County Growth and Environmental Management, Tallahassee, FL, 1994-1995. Drafted report analyzing impacts of a potential policy change.

Consultancies (Primarily Local Government & State and Federal Agency Clients)

  • Self-employed Consultant, 2004-2006. Assisted clients with navigation of dynamic regulatory constraints related to water quality and quantity issues.
  • Environmental Scientist, TetraTech, Inc., Owings Mills, MD and Orlando, FL, 1999-2002. Worked with local government and state and federal agency clients to identify and develop potential solutions for emerging water resource problems.


  • Lecturer, Urban & Regional Planning, School of Civil Engineering & Built Environment, Queensland University of Technology, 2009-present.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State University, 2007-2009. Collaborated with B. Stiftel (Georgia Tech) on an ACSP-funded study on promotion and tenure practices in urban and regional planning programs.
  • Research Assistant, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. 2007-2008. Developed cost-benefit and other analyses for facility energy conservation options.
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State University, 2007, 2002-2003. Taught undergraduate course in collective decision-making. Assisted with graduate courses in policy analysis, planning theory, and quantitative methods as well as mixed undergraduate / graduate growth management course.
  • Associate Director, Florida Community / Higher Education / School Partnership, Tallahassee, FL, 2006-2007. Coordination of service-learning / civic engagement program supported primarily through competitive federal funds.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida, 1995-1998. Designed and implemented field ecology study and data analyses.


  • Vice-Chancellor’s Performance Award, Queensland University of Technology, 2010.
  • Dissertation Research Grant, Office of Graduate Studies, Florida State University, 2008.
  • Travel Scholarship, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Dissertation Workshop, University of Illinois-Chicago, 2007.
  • Travel Grant, Council of Graduate Students, Florida State University, 2007.
This information has been contributed by Mrs Mellini Sloan.


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Awards and recognition

Keynote Speaker/Expert Panel Member/Invited Speaker for a Conference
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Invited Member of the 2013 Southeast Queensland Natural Resource Management Plan Update Expert Panel
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Nominated for Award for Excellence in Research Supervision
Keynote Speaker/Expert Panel Member/Invited Speaker for a Conference
Reference year
Invited Speaker at the LGAQ Infrastructure and Planning Symposium, 16 March 2011, Brisbane, QLD.
Academic Honours, Prestigious Awards or Prizes
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Vice-Chancellor's Performance Award in recognition of a significant and superior contribution to the work of the University.


Current supervisions

  • Planning for Natural Hazard Risk Mitigation and Improved Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment: Bushfire-prone Areas in South East Queensland
    PhD, Associate Supervisor
    Other supervisors: Professor Douglas Baker

Completed supervisions (Doctorate)