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Dr Reihaneh Bidar
Associate Lecturer
Science and Engineering Faculty,
School of Information Systems
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Information Systems
+61 7 3138 9043
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Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)

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Deputy Faculty Research Ethics Advisor


Information technology and systems, Service science, Service networks and ecosystems, Co-creation, Service delivery, Modern work systems

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Reihaneh is an Associate Lecturer in Information Systems School, Queensland University of Technology. She is a researcher and educator in service science discipline.

She received her B.S. in software engineering from Iran Azad University of Lahijan in 2008, and her M.S. degree in Information Technology at Istanbul Bahcesehir University with distinction in 2013. In 2018, she earned her PhD in Information Systems at QUT.

Her work explores the interplay between customers, systems, services, and organisations. She has a background in user behaviour, cooperative and collaborative approaches to improve user interactions and collaborative systems. With a background in co-creation of digital services and networked organisations, Reihaneh provides insights into collaborative design and user behaviour in IS.  She is currently extending her research to identify and detect destructive dynamics in crowdsourcing systems to improve system performance. She is also interested in the impact of destructive crowdsourced data on quality. She is well-versed in qualitative and quantitative methods and research design, literature reviews, and ethics protocols, which allows her to understand why and how the dynamic behaviour of network contributors (e.g., customers) shape the positive/negative patterns and their impact on the system. She has contributed to a number of peer-reviewed conferences and she has been awarded an outstanding paper award in 2017 (IEEEICACT).

Reihaneh has taught units at undergraduate and masters levels related to Enterprise Architecture, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile and Pervasive Systems and Mobile and Application Development.

As a Research Ethics Advisor (REA), Reihaneh performs a leadership role that assists QUT to meet the research ethics standards for human research as described in the National Statement.

Reihaneh was appointed as a School Research Ethics Advisor (SREA) for IS school in January 2019. As SREA, she was responsible for Reviewing ethics applications, and providing advice and information about how the standards are used for staff and students when designing their research proposals and in submissions for ethics approval.  In August 2019, she was appointed as Deputy Faculty Research Ethics Advisor (FREA) for the QUT’s Science and Engineering Faculty. As a deputy FREA, she leads a faculty-based panel for the review of negligible/low risk; reviews and provide feedback to all applicants and approves ethics applications; conduct drop-in sessions and answer queries for researchers to seeking advice research ethics.

Reihaneh was a professional artistic gymnast from the age of 6. After the age of 18, she continued her career as a professional aerobic gymnast. She achieved several national titles for gymnastics and aerobic gymnastics. She started her career as a coach for different age groups from 6-13, and she participated in various national competitions as a referee since the age of 18. She was appointed to the role of Urban Affairs manager of Women’s Gymnastic committee of Gilan Province, where she was responsible for leading a group panel for identifying talents and reviewing performance of different gymnastic clubs in Gilan province, Iran.

As a gymnast, Reihaneh learned that balance is the key to success, discipline and dedication is required to stay focused on the goal, how to be determined within the training, and built on great teamwork skill. As a coach and referee, she learned to be a passionate and goal-oriented leader, with strong interpersonal and creativity skills that helped her to demonstrate success in sport, work, and education.

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Reihaneh was involved in coordination and delivery of four different postgraduate and undergraduate units to a diverse body of students. In all four units, Reihaneh was responsible for coordinating the unit, content design, delivery of the lecture content, developing tutorial activities and designing authentic assessment:

  1. Design of Enterprise IoT (former Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing) (IAB230)- S12018-2019-2020
  2. Mobile and Pervasive Systems (IFN661)- S12018
  3. Mobile App Development (IAB330)- S22018
  4. Enterprise Architecture (IAB401)- S22019- 2020


Student Testimonial:

“ I think it’s great that Reihaneh has explanation in the slides that students can reflect on and also how she has practice examples in the lecture to cover the modelling or content covered. Recommending readings and her willingness and eagerness to lend the students a hand, really helps with the overall learning experience. Keep up the good work Reihaneh.”

This information has been contributed by Dr Reihaneh Bidar.


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Outstanding paper award on the 19th International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (IEEE ICACT). Paper titled: Classification of Service Co-creation Systems: an Integrative approach.