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Dr Naomi Barnes
Lecturer in Literacy
Faculty of Education,
School of Teacher Education and Leadership
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Curriculum and Pedagogy, Specialist Studies in Education
+61 7 3138 3300
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Doctor of Philosophy (Griffith University)

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  • Australian Association for Research in Education
  • Australian Literacy Educators Association

social media, rhetoric, dialogic, digital text composition, English curriclum, digital sociology, digital literacy

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Naomi’s research is in digital rhetoric. She focuses on qualitative critical network analysis and how multiple modes of communication are at play in online human networking. She is interested in the relationships humans have with each other on online, particularly in social media, and the socio-cultural theories and philosophical traditions which help us better understand how technology has changed the way we communicate. Naomi is also interested in the policy and pedagogical implications of these changes in communication. She would be interested in supervising HDR students in these areas.

Naomi completed her PhD at Griffith University in 2015. She investigated how university students connected with university, fellow students, family and friends via Facebook. She has since explored how information and ideas travel between authors and their audience through blogs. Naomi has also recently published a theoretical exploration of how information and ideas travel between education researchers and school leaders and has been awarded a Women in Research grant to consider the role of social media in the uptake of education research in schools.

After working as a secondary Humanities, Social Sciences and English teacher for eleven years.  From 2011, she worked as a lecturer and tutor in curriculum studies and professional experience.

Keywords: critical network analysis, multiliteracy, social media, digital rhetoric

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CRB005 Primary English Curriculum

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Naomi was a Secondary English, History and Geography Teacher from 1997 to 2010 in Southeast and North Queensland. She has experience in the government, Catholic and Independent sectors. Naomi worked as a Head of Curriculum from 2005-2010 in all sectors and a Year Co-ordinator for three of those years. She also worked for Education Queensland on a curriculum project from 2012-2013. Naomi has a particular expertise in the curriculum and pedagogy of writing composition.

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