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Dr Marc Miska
Senior Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Discipline
Science and Engineering Faculty,
School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
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Civil Engineering
+61 7 3138 2992
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Doctor of Philosophy (Delft University of Technology)


Intelligent Transport Systems, Model-Free Transport Network Representations, Real-Time Decision Support, Scale-Free Mobility Simulation, Simulation, Smart Transport Solutions, Sustainable Data Management, Visualisation

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Marc Miska is a Senior Lecturer with interest in developing evidence-based decision support tools for industry and government. His current projects focus around:

  • Routing for physically and visually challenged travellers
  • Connectivity impacts of large developments in urban areas
  • Cooperative Intelligent Vehicles field test evaluation

Marc has studied Applied Informatics in Civil Engineering at the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany and worked in hydraulics, off-shore technology and container transhipment before moving to the field of Transportation and Planning for his PhD at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. During his candidature, he developed a modular online traffic simulation model that enabled road authorities to compare traffic control strategies effectiveness in current conditions before implementation.

After his PhD, Marc moved to the University of Tokyo in Japan for his postdoctoral research on traffic data collection and standardization. He continued as a project based lecturer, leading data standardization efforts among researchers in the US, Europe and Japan. The project, initiated by the Japanese Government, the US Department of Transport and European Commission has provided a common evaluation framework to analyze the effects of intelligent transport systems (ITS) on Greenhouse gas emission from transport.

In 2010, Marc came to QUT as Program Director for Simulation, Visualization and Modeling at the then newly established Smart Transport Research Centre. In his role he worked closely with industry and government to establish a series of data standards and applications, supporting traffic engineers in their day-to-day duties. His work unearthed a fundamental issue present in transport engineering and planning – lack of accessible and accurate data. Challenging the issue, Marc started at the roots of the problem: Asset Management. Given that road authorities have built the infrastructure they are aiming to operate, all base data should be readily available and consistent. As this is not the case, Marc has worked together with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to overhaul their Asset Maintenance Management System to better understand the disconnect between transport assets and their operation.

Becoming a Senior Lecturer in the School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment in February 2018, Marc moved to QUT’s Transport Research Group (TRG) and an emerging new research group on Data Analytics in the Built Environment (DABE). His focus now is the design and development of a data-centric platform for multi-disciplinary data analytics with applications in:

  • transport,
  • disaster management, and
  • construction.
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I am coordinating/teaching the following units:

  • EGB382 – Construction Methodologies
  • EGB482 – Contracting and Construction Regulations

I also regularly provide guest lectures for:

  • IAB230 – Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

and am open to any requests in this regard.

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2018 – current: Senior Lecturer, School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment – QUT Working field:

  • Data-centric analysis platform for multi-disciplinary data analytics
  • Mapping Solutions for physically and visually challenged


2010 – 2018: Simulation, Visualisation and Modelling project leader – Smart Transport Research Centre – QUT Working field:

  • Design and development of an online simulation model of Brisbane Metropolitan are
  • Design and development of a decision support system for traffic management in Brisbane Metropolitan area based on online simulation


2009 – 2010: Project Lecturer – University of Tokyo, Japan Working field:

  • Development of an OpenSource platform (X-roads) as a stable, modular framework for traffic and pedestrian simulation
  • OpenTrafficSim – Collaborative ITS Research on C02 reduction based on 3D Internet Technology
  • Continuation of Data warehousing and data management for the International Traffic Database (ITDb) part of the NEDO project


2007 – 2009: Postdoctoral Research Fellow – University of Tokyo, Japan Working field:

  • Data warehousing and data management for the International Traffic Database (ITDb) part of the NEDO project.
  • Travel time estimation and prediction on urban networks based on probe vehicle data.
  • Demand analysis on the Metropolitan Expressway based on ETC OD data.


2006 – 2007: Research Fellow – University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Working field:

  • Improvements on the FrOnT platform to integrate various independent modules for traffic management into a coherent package.


09.12.2004: Guest Researcher – Royal Netherlands Embassy, Tokyo, Japan Working field:

  • Investigation of the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) implementations and developments in Japan for the Transport Ministry of the Netherlands.


2002 – 2006: Research Fellow, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Working field:

  • Design and implementation of a microscopic online simulator (MiOS) for real-time traffic management.
  • Evaluation of city-scale online simulation models as a decision support system for traffic operations
  • Feasibility study of extracting meaningful traffic information from cell phone tracking records.


2001 – 2002: Research Engineer – University of Hannover, Germany Working field:

  • Design and implementation of a workflow management system for inland terminals (Container transhipment).
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