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Dr Mardi McNeil
Associate Lecturer
Faculty of Science,
School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Postdoctoral Researcher
Faculty of Science,
School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
+61 7 3138 5275
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PhD (Queensland University of Technology), BscHons (First Class) (Earth Science) (Queensland University of Technology), BAppSc(EnvironmentalScience) (Queensland University of Technology)

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  • Australian Marine Sciences Association – Member
  • Australian Coral Reef Society – Member
  • International Association of Sedimentologists – Member
  • SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology – Member
  • Australasian Quaternary Association  – Member




Mardi is a Postdoctoral Researcher and sessional academic in the School of Earth  and Atmospheric Sciences at QUT.   Her interest is in cross-disciplinary research in marine geoscience, specifically biogenic carbonate sediments and structures at various spatial scales from calcareous epiphytes to bioherms and reefs, and their physical, chemical, and biological processes and properties.

Academic Scholarships:

2017 – 2020 Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend – Domestic
2017 – 2020 AINSE Postgraduate Research Award top-up stipend
2019 QUT Science and Engineering Faculty Dr Lawrie Cowled PhD Scholarship
2018 QUT Science and Engineering Faculty Dr Lawrie Cowled PhD Scholarship
2017 QUT Science and Engineering Faculty Dr Lawrie Cowled PhD Scholarship
QUT Vacation Research Experience Scholarship
The University of Sydney School of Geosciences summer scholarship


2018 Terry Walker Award – Australian Coral Reef Society
2016 Dean’s List for Excellent Academic Performance

Research Grants:

2019 ANSTO – Research Portal Proposal
2018 National Geographic Explorer – Early Career Research Grant
2018 Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority – Reef Guardian Science Grant
2017 Martin Fellowship – Naturalis Biodiversity Centre (The Netherlands)
2017 National Parks and Wildlife Foundation/Paddy Palin Science Grants

Travel Grants:

2018 International Association of Sedimentologists (ISC2018)
2018 Society of Sedimentary Geologists (ISC2018)
2017 International Association of Sedimentologists (Flugel Course 2017)
2016 World Seagrass Association – Evamaria Koch Student Travel Grant

Scholarly Publications:

McNeil, M. A., Webster, J. M., Beaman, R. J., & Graham, T. L. (2016). New constraints on the spatial distribution and morphology of the Halimeda bioherms of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Coral Reefs, 35(4), 1343-1355
Altmetric score: 655

Erler, D. V., Nothdurft, L., McNeil, M., & Moras, C. A. (2018). Tracing nitrate sources using the isotopic composition of skeletal-bound organic matter from the calcareous green algae Halimeda. Coral Reefs. doi:10.1007/s00338-018-01742-z


2017 Thinkable Peer Prize for Women in Science
Stories of Australian Science
The Labs

Conference Abstracts:

2019 Ecological Society of Australia Conference, Queensland (Oral)
Halimeda algal bioherms: a critical inter-reef habitat to support ecosystem function and biodiversity in the northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia

2018 International Sedimentological Congress, Quebec City, Canada (Oral)
New data reveals the complexity of modern Halimeda algal bioherm morphology in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

2018 Australian Marine Science Association Conference, South Australia (Oral)
Lidar and multibeam data reveals the complex morphology of Halimeda algal bioherm inter-reef habitat in the northern GBR

2017 Dorothy Hill Women in Earth Sciences Symposium, Queensland (Poster)
The spatial distribution and morphology of Halimeda bioherms in the northern Great Barrier Reef

2016 International Seagrass Biology Workshop, Wales (Oral) Epiphytic calcium carbonate production and sediment characteristics from a sub-tropical seagrass carbonate factory: Moreton Bay, Australia

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Mardi has been engaged as a sessional academic in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at QUT since 2013 in the following units:

  • ERB101: Earth Systems
  • ERB102: Evolving Earth
  • ERB104: Grand Challenges in Science (Great Barrier Reef, and Climate Change)
  • ERB202: Marine Geoscience

Additionally, she held the paid role of Sessional Academic Success Advisor during 2016/17, providing peer mentoring support to sessional academic staff in the Science and Engineering Faculty. In 2018 Mardi received the Science and Engineering Faculty Vice-Chancellor’s Performance Award in recognition of her role as a sessional academic at QUT.

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Schmidt Ocean Institute research cruise R/V Falkor 2017Student Opportunities Participant – Unravelling Sea Level Secrets Leg 1

  • Seafloor bathymetry mapping of drowned coral reefs – Main Hawaiian Islands

International Course on Carbonate Micro-facies Analysis 2017

  • Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany

Australia and New Zealand IODP Consortium 2015Marine Geoscience Masterclass (Perth)

  • QUT delegate at week long masterclass for undergraduate marine geoscience

QUT Academic committee positions:
University Learning and Teaching Committee 2017/18

  • Assessment sub-committee 2017/18
  • Unit Co-ordinator Portal Working Party 2018

Science and Engineering Faculty Academic Board 2016/17

This information has been contributed by Dr Mardi McNeil.


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