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Dr Mark Pennings
Senior Lecturer
Creative Industries Faculty,
School of Creative Practice,
Visual Arts
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Art Theory and Criticism, Visual Arts and Crafts, Historical Studies
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Doctor of Philosophy (University of Melbourne), MA (University of Melbourne), Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies (Melbourne College of Adv. Ed.)

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Australian and New Zealand Art Association Athens Institute for Education and Research QUT Higher Education Research Network


Contemporary art and culture, Art and the experience economy, Postwar art and culture, New York as a creative city, Sports and cultural history in the nineteenth century, Psychedelic art and culture

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Mark Pennings taught as a tutor and lecturer in the Fine Arts Department at Melbourne University and at RMIT, in Melbourne and Hong Kong, before joining QUT in 2001. He has written numerous articles for art journals such as “Art and Australia”, “Eyeline”, “Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art” and ‘Photofile’ as well as many catalogue essays. Recent publications include: Garth Clark (ed) Ceramic Millennium: Critical Writings on Ceramic History, Theory and Art (Nova Scotia: Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 2006). Pennings’ doctorate considered the use of schizophrenia, the unconscious, and the simulacrum as figures of psychic rebellion in the postwar period. This is a cultural and historical account of modern and postmodern conceptions of consciousness and reality that emerged in the 1960s. The thesis examines consumerism, pop art, advertising, psychoanalysis, philosophy and social theory. Recent theoretical interests include the political economy of contemporary international art. Pennings’ primary teaching interests include modern, postmodern and contemporary art, consumer culture, video art and culture. He is currently supervising four doctoral and two Masters’ student. He is a member of the Australian Art Association in Queensland and the College Art Association (USA).

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Supervision of Research Students

  1. Lauren Carr, PhD: Home is where the stuff is: Framing life-worlds in domestic space
  2. Joseph Daws, PhD: The Thresholds of Abstraction: painting and the aesthetics of ambiguity and latency
  3. Trish Barnett, PhD: Exhale II: An investigation into painting’s transformation and  regeneration through post-photographic intervention
  4. Daniel McKewen, PhD: The Art of being a Fan: Complicity and Criticality in Contemporary Art and Fandom
  5. Anne Kirker, PhD: Printmaking as an Expanding Field in Contemporary Art Practice: A case study of Japan, Australia and Thailand
  6. Rachel Haynes, PhD: Ethical approaches to creative practice, curatorial and interpretative practice
  7. Grant Stevens, The Space of Editing: playing with difference in art,  film and writing
  8. Debra Porch, PhD: The Visible and the Invisible: Connecting Presence and Absence Through Art, Memory, Mortality and the Body
  9. David Cross, PhD: The Dysfunctional Body as a Performative Site
  10. Christopher Handran, MA: Reinventing the Perceptual Apparatus in the Expanded Field of Photomedia
  11. Michelle Oxenham, MA: Processes of Transformation: Art into Pop and Back Again
  12. Judy-Ann Moule, MA: The Silence of Objects: forming the unsayable
  13. Kate Woodcroft, MA: Catherine or Kate: The Tertiary Spaces of Collaboration, Performance and Humour in Contemporary Art
  14. Max Bannah, MA: A Cause for Animation: Harry Reade and the Cuban Revolution
  15. Toni Patterson, MA: Mein Kodak: German Photography in the 1920s
  16. Gordon Craig, MA: Graham Peebles and Printmaking
This information has been contributed by Dr Mark Pennings.



  • Art Museums and the global tourist: Experience centres in Experience-scapes, 11th Annual International Conference on Tourism. Athens Institute for Education and Research (2015)
  • The cultures of Restaurant Australia: epicurean food experiences for tourists in south east Queensland, 3rd International Conference UNITWIN UNESCO Network (2014)
  • Medieval Knights amid the gum trees: the experience of European heritage tourism in south-east Queensland, Australia, Tourism and the Shifting Values of Cultural heritage: Visiting Pasts, Developing Futures (2013)
  • Researching the Origins of Australian Football, Worlds of Football II Conference, Australian Society of Sports Historian (2012)
  • Consuming Contemporary Art: the new art audience in an immaterial, experience economy, Art Association of Australian and New Zealand (2012)
  • The Corio Oval tribe: Geelong Football Club in colonial times, Sporting Traditions XVIII: The Past and Present: Sport History and Popular Culture (2011)
  • Art and Community: Intervention and Entertainment, 5th International Conference of Arts in Society (2010)
  • The genesis of Australian football and its founding tribes, The Worlds of Football: Triumphs, Trials and Traumas (2010)
  • Experiencing cultural content beyond the institution: a case for museums as tourist destinations” (with A. Russo), INTERCOM annual conference on Museums, tourism and the visitor experience, (2008)
  • The Utopian Dimensions of the Simulacrum”, Engaging Baudrillard Conference, Swansea University(2006)
  • Art and Entertainment: Resistance or Complicity?, Art Association of Australian and New Zealand, Monash University (2006)
  • Fragmented Utopias: some counter-cultural and poststructuralist concepts about ultimate reality and meaning, 13th Biennial Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Human Ideas on Ultimate Reality and Meaning (2005)
  • Relational Aesthetics and Critical Culture, Transforming Aesthetics, Art Association of Australian and New Zealand (2005)
  • LSD, Ecstasy and the Utopian Mind of the 1960s, Dangerous Consumptions, Ashworth Program in Social Theory (2003)
  • Ceramics and Modernism, Ceramic Millennium 99, Ceramic Arts Foundation (1999)

Public Lecture series/Floor Talks  

  • Floor Talk, APT 8, The 8th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Art, February 10 (2016)
  • Floor Talk with curator Reuben Keehan about the exhibition “We can make another future: Japanese art after 1989”, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, December 14 (2014)
  • Floor Talk discussing the impact of globalism and the food industry and the artwork of Zhen Xu, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Superflex in the exhibtion “Harvest”, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, August 16 (2014)
  • Public Lecture “Contemporary Art and the Experience Economy”, QUT Art Museum, July 24 (2013)
  • Floor TalkMyGen”, Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), April 12 (2011)
  • Public Lecture & Interview Series, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane:
  1. “Surrealism: the poetry of dreams”, June-October 2011
  2. “21st Century”, December 2010-April 2011
  3. “APT 6”, December 2009-April, 2010
  4. “Optimism” Australian Contemporary Art Triennial, August-September, 2009
  5. “American Impressionism”, June-September, 2009 
  6. “Picasso”, June-September, 2008
  7. “Andy Warhol, Pop and the Art of Consumption” GoMA, Brisbane, February 3, 2008
  • Public Lectures “Modern Art 101” – 3 lectures, ARC Biennial, QUT Art Museum, November (2007)  
  • Floor Talk “The First Cut” Critical response to the “Fresh Cut, 2007” exhibition, Institute for Modern Art, Brisbane, May (2007)
  • Public Lecture “A Brief History of Video Art”, Queensland Art Gallery (2004)
  • Floor Talk “Art and New Media”, QUT Art Museum, April 1 (2004)
  • Floor Talk “Australian Surrealism”, QUT Art Museum, October 1 (2004)
  • Floor Talk “Pop Art and the Collection of the QUT Art Museum”, May 31  (2002)
  • Public Lecture “Pop Art and the Collection of the Queensland Arts Gallery”, Queensland Art Gallery, February 10 (2002)   


Public Forums/Panels   (2012) “Turning art into fashion (Yayoi Kusama)”, Panel chairman: Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), February 25.   (2011) University of Queensland  Art Museum, Public Programmes: “New Psychedelia”, Panel discussion, May 7, 2011 with Ted Colless, Sebastian Moody & Kate Shaw.   (2008) Member of AAANZ Academic Committee & chair of session, “Understanding Art & Entertainment in a Post-Avant-Grade Era”, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, Zulu, November, AAANZ Conference at Griffith University, December 4-6.   (2008) Panel member ‘Taboo Topics: Psychedelic Research’, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, April 24                         (2008) Respondent to Albert Alberro’s lecture about Robert Smithson, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, January 2.   (2006) Judge of “Tournament of Fools” a New Media event and part of the “Straight Out Of Brisbane” Festival, August 20, 2006. SOOB Festival Club, 610 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley.   (2006) “’Proudly Un-Australian?: where does Australian art stand?” with Panel: Rex Butler & Richard Bell, University of Queensland Art Museum, April 12, 2006   (2005) “Film/Video/Digital/Art?”, September 1, 2005, Speaker & panel member, QUT Creative Industries Precinct   (2005) “New York City Study Tour, 2003”, January 19, 2005, Chair, speaker & panel member, QUT Art Museum   (2004) “Video Art: What’s It All About?” Straight Out of Brisbane Festival, December 12, 2004     Symposia   (2006) Queensland Festival of Photography Symposium, “Blurred Borders: Where Does Photography Begin or End?” panel member with Rose Hawker & Susan Fereday. DELL Gallery, at QCA Sat. Oct. 7, 2006   (2005) Coordinator of QUT Creative Industries/IMA “Relational Aesthetics” Symposium, March 12 at IMA , Brisbane with Speakers: Andrew McNamara, Toni Ross, David Cross, Bronia Iwanczak. & with Roundtable: D. Broker (chair), R. Butler, A. McNamara, T. Ross, D. Cross, B. Iwanczak     Curatorial   (2011-12)Parallel Universes, Australian, Japanese, American & British video art 1970-85’, Member of curatorium, The Block, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Exhibition slated for October 2012.   (1998) ‘Hype: Fashion, Art and Advertising’, Exhibition conception and member of curatorium, RMIT Gallery, February 13 – March 21 1998.   (1997) ‘Research’ Exhibitors: Simon Lloyd, Anne-Marie Power, Richard Whiteley Curator (with S. Attiwill) & Catalogue Essay: “Researching Craft”, Craft Victoria, Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, July 3-28 1997.   (1997) ‘Art @ Advertising’ (focus#3 exhibition), Artists: Patricia Piccinini, Callum Morton, Lyndal Walker, Danius Kesminas, Kieren Kinney. Curator & Catalogue essay: “Bright, Shiny & New”, Robert Lindsay Gallery, Flinders Lane, Melbourne, March 5-29 1997     Media   (2012) Radio national interview ‘Origins of Football’, (WA regional) with Barry Nicholls – November 8.   (2012) Radio national interview – “Weekend Arts: Yayoi Kusama” with Sarah Kanowski – February 4.   (2011) Radio National interview – “Australia Talks: What is Contemporary Art” with Paul Barclay – February 2.   (2008) Picasso interview “Artworks”, ABC Radio National, 10.00am, June 8.   (2005) Radio: “Art to Lunch” 4ZZZ, Relational Aesthetics, Sunday, March 6, 12.45 interviewed by Jo-Anne Chapman.   (1996) Panel Member for discussion and interview with Barbara Kruger, Art and Advertising. Announcer: Louise Adler, 3LO Melbourne   (1996) Interview re: Art and the AFL Football Expo, Radio National, Melbourne   (1996) Panel Member re: Art and the AFL Football Expo, Announcer: Roger Taylor/3RRR, Melbourne     Consultancy   (2012-13) Australian Football League, “Founders Project Working Group”. Role: Advisory historian selected to address questions of Australian football’s origins with a historians working group including Geoffrey Blainey, Gillian Hibbins and Greg De Moore.   (1996) Australian Football League, Football Expo: a Centenary of Football, Exhibition Hall at Melbourne Park, 4/4-14/4/1996 – Role: Assistant Curator & Principle Researcher with Robert Lindsay.  

This information has been contributed by Dr Mark Pennings.


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Editorial Role for an Academic Journal
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Editor, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art. The journal is the premier refereed academic journal in the field of Art History in this region of the world.Established in the 1970s, it is blind peer reviewed and accepts publications nationally, regionally and internationally.As editors, the current editorial board is responsible for issue themes, funding, design and distribution.
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Endeavour Mobility Grant of $20,000 awarded to support the 2017 CIF unit New York Study Tour (KKB350).
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Dean's Award for excellence in postgraduate supervision.

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Assessment frameworks and teaching modules that promote student learning in immersive short-term international study experiences
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CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
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Assessment; Immersive Learning; International Study; Short-Term; Work-Integrated Learning