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Dr Kate Devitt
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Cognitive Science, Philosophy
+61 7 3138 0774
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PhD (Rutgers)

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  • Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP)
  • Australasian Society for Cognitive Science (ASCS)
  • American Philosophical Association (APA)
  • Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SSP)
  • Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM)
  • The Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)
  • Society for the Philosophy of Information (SPI)
  • Cognitive Science Society (CSS)
  • Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC)

cognitive science, law, decision science, rationality, epistemology, philosophy, ethics, ILGG, IPIL

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Kate Devitt is a Research Associate in Robotics and Autonomous Systems in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science for the Institute for Future Environments (IFE) researching cognitive decision science including data epistemology and cognitive data analytics. Kate is also a Research Associate for the Faculty of Law where she is researching the ethics of autonomous systems and the rationality of regulation & legal defences of decisions under uncertainty. She is currently Project Manager on IFE Catapult project: Optimising cognitive inputs and data analytics for decision support systems (Jul 2016-Jun 2017). She has a postdoc on a Cotton Research Development Corporation (CRDC) Agri-Intelligence in Cotton Production Systems grant. She is working on a QUT-Industry grant with Horticulture Innovation Australia project VG15054: Data analytics and app technology to guide on farm irrigation contributing expertise in cognitive data analytics to maximise the usability and adoption of apps created by agricultural start up The Yield. Kate holds an undergraduate degree in the History and Philosophy of Science and Psychology from the University of Melbourne (2000) where she specialised in the philosophy of statistics, philosophy of science, decision-making, rationality and philosophy of psychology. She holds a PhD in philosophy and Graduate Certificate in cognitive science from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, where she graduated with specialisations in epistemology and cognitive science (2013).  Areas of interest include the adoption of digital agricultural technologies, the trustworthiness of autonomous systems and implementing Bayesian rationality with social media UX design. At QUT Kate has been a Transformational Learning and Teaching Fellow (2014), Project Manager on the AIRS Redevelopment Project (2012) and an Academic Skills Adviser @ QUT Library (2009-2015) winning three Vice Chancellor’s Performance Awards for contributions in eLearning resources, project management and academic skills integration with faculty (CI). Outside of QUT, Kate has lectured/tutored in the philosophy of science, ethics, cognitive science, science communication and inquiry learning. Kate has run her own online media company (Whole Media) and created Australia’s top environmental podcast in 2007, A Climate Affair. The podcast brought a philosophical, editorial dialogue to environmental issues. The podcast was featured on iTunes and was one of Australia’s top news podcasts generating investment from Australian Green Pages and Jack Green Energy. Kate has also worked as a project administrator and technical writer for Accenture on the Department of Defense CAMM2 Project.

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Bayesian strategic decision making platform for online travel agency
Project manager to develop a strategic decision making platform for a prominent online travel agency. The project aims to build a social and strategic decision making platform that incorporates Bayesian rationality and statistics to reduce cognitive and motivational biases and improve evidence-based evaluation of strategic business hypotheses. `
Cognitive decision interface to optimise integrated weed management
Project manager to develop a cognitive decision interface to optimise integrated weed management. Weed management is becoming more complicated with the rise of herbicide resistant weeds that threaten farming sustainability. Our team has designed an interactive tool for cotton growers that allows them to explore the impact of individual priorities and strategy preferences (optimistic, pessimistic and risk calculated) on weed management decisions given uncertainty in temperature and rainfall.
Agri-Intelligence in cotton production systems
Postdoctoral researcher in cognitive decision science for a Cotton Research Development Corporation (CRDC) Agri-Intelligence in Cotton Production Systems Project. Agri-intelligence in cotton production systems seeks to take the first steps leading to the integration of deep agricultural knowledge, knowledge across the value chain and systems science with powerful digital technologies to help farming enterprises make the best use of agronomic, environmental and economic data to enhance decision-making and management practices leading to more efficient, profitable and sustainable operations.
Data analytics for app technology in irrigation decisions
Contributing expertise in cognitive science to maximise the usability and adoption of apps created by agricultural start up The Yield Horticulture Innovation Australia project VG15054: Data Analytics for App Technology in Irrigation Decisions.

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