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Associate Professor John Bensley
Director, Canberra
QUT Business School,
QUT Graduate School of Business
+61 7 3138 6570
+61 7 3138 1299
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Doctor of Philosophy (Deakin University), Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Deakin University)


Dr John Bensley is Academic Director Canberra and Learning Innovation in the QUT Graduate School of Business with expertise in systems thinking, the management of innovation, product management and analytical psychology. John works with other University academics, Graduate School staff and industry professionals, to design, develop and deliver transdisciplinary education programs that meet the specific requirements of post-graduate students as well as a range of corporate and government clients. With more than 30 years management, marketing and operational experience from the mining and telecommunication industries his passion is understanding the determining effect of the human equation within organisations and helping people sense-make in complex environments.

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