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Mr Sach Jayasinghe
Director, Research Infrastructure
Institute for Future Environments,
IFE Directorate
Discipline *
Environmental Science and Management
+61 7 3138 0399
+61 7 3138 4438
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MBA(TechMgmt) (Torrens C.A.E.), GradCert(Research Commercialisation) (Queensland University of Technology), BSc(Hons) (University of Melbourne)

Professional memberships
and associations

Fellow – Australian Institute of Management

Public Officer – Australasian Cytometry Society

Member – Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities

Member – International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry

Member – Australian Institute of Company Directors

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


As Director, Research Infrastructure, Sach Jayasinghe oversees the strategic direction and operations of the research infrastructure portfolio hosted within the Institute for Future Environments.

Prior to joining QUT, Sach had a number of roles at the University of Melbourne. On behalf of the University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), he oversaw the strategic investments in research. This included investment in research infrastructure where he developed policies for effective and efficient use of cross-organisational facilities, including careful consideration of the technical expertise that underpin the success of such facilities. Under secondment arrangements, Sach also contributed to preserving business continuity as Melbourne transitioned to a shared services model through the Business Improvement Program.

Sach has a long history of involvement in cytometry. He had facility leadership roles in the USA (Stowers Institute) and the UK (Imperial College London), developing collaborations with premier researchers in stem and developmental biology, culminating in co-authorship of high-impact publications, including in Nature. Additionally, Sach has had significant commercial exposure (hardware, consumables and software) within the field, which continues today via active partnerships with a number of key industry players.


Bronwyn Jane Adams Memorial Award, University of Melbourne (2012)

Scholar of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (2007-2011)

Gippsland Lakes Ecosystem Postgraduate Award, Government of Victoria (1999)


This information has been contributed by Mr Sach Jayasinghe.


• Research infrastructure strategy and operations in the context of national research policy and funding;

• Research information systems, metrics and performance;

• Business development, negotiation, contract law and intellectual property management;

• Change management and shared services models within the context of higher education; and

• Advanced cytometry and its application in research.

Select Publications:

Jiwang Zhang, Justin C. Grindley, Tong Yin, Sachintha Jayasinghe, Xi C. He, Jason T. Ross, Jeff Haug, Dawn Rupp, Kimberly S. Porter-Westpfahl, Leanne M. Wiedemann, Hong Wu, and Linheng Li (2006): “PTEN maintains Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Acts in Lineage Choice and Leukaemia Prevention”. Nature 441(7092):518-22

Dale KJ, Malapert P, Maroto M, Jayasinghe SM, Trainor P, Herrmann B & Pourquié O (2006): “Oscillations of the snail genes in the presomitic mesoderm coordinate segmentation and morphogenesis in vertebrate somitogenesis”. Developmental Cell 10(3):355-66

Jayasinghe SM, et al (2006): “Sterile and Disposable Fluidic Sub-System Suitable for Clinical High Speed Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting”. Cytometry Part B: Clinical Cytometry 70(5):344-54

Natalie C. Jones, Jill Dixon, Lisa L. Sandell, Sachintha M. Jayasinghe, Jennifer Crane, Jean-Phillip Rey, Mike J. Dixon and Paul A, Trainor (2006): “Tcof1/Treacle is required for neural crest cell formation and proliferation deficiencies that cause craniofacial abnormalities”. PNAS 103(36):13403-8


This information has been contributed by Mr Sach Jayasinghe.