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Mr Gavin Broadbent
Senior Design & RPAS Technician
Academic Division,
Research Portfolio,
Office of the PVC, Research Infrastructure
+61 7 3138 9823
+61 7 3138 4528
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As part of the Research Engineering Facility Gavin Broadbent fulfills the UAV Technician role. His primary responsibility is the initial and ongoing airworthiness of the facilities UAV fleet and participation in flight activities as a certified UAV controller. Gavin is internationally recognized as a remote pilot and designer with a particular focus on helicopters.

Gavin works to establish and improve the REF’s UAV hardware capability in core services such as remote sensing. The integration of new and innovative sensor packages to fulfill the needs of research projects for many different disciplines such as air quality, control and environmental monitoring.

Gavin also plays a key role in the operations of the facilities Airborne Systems Laboratory a Cessna 172R that is modified for research purposes. He has designed and has had certified many important additions to the ASL.




This information has been contributed by Mr Gavin Broadbent.


  • Over three years of research and development experience designing UAV helicopters with Kasama Helicopters
  • Fixed wing remote pilot for Stream 4 of Project ResQu in 2013-14
  • Over three years of experience as the Maintenance Controller under QUT’s UAV operators certificate
  • Over 100 hours of UAV flight experience with QUT alone
  • Design, integration and stabilisation of sensor packages on UAV platforms enabling aerial sensing for research projects such as Reef to Rainforest onboard the RV Investigator on the Great Barrier Reef and enabling hyperspectral surveys for PBCRC2135
This information has been contributed by Mr Gavin Broadbent.