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Associate Professor Geoffrey Will
Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering,
School of Mech., Medical & Process Engineering
Discipline *
Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering
+61 7 3138 2297
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Ph.d (University College of Dublin)

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Research theme: Environment
Research discipline: Chemistry
Research area
Corrosion and the electrochemical monitoring of corrosion reactions in industrial settings: Study the electrochemical properties of novel chemical compounds containing radical centres. We are therefore attempting to correlate the electrochemical properties directing with biological activity of the free radicals to direct future synthesis of molecules. Transmembranal electron transfer facilitated forward (donor to acceptor) but inhibited the back electron transfer from the reduced acceptor to the oxidised donor. The separated charge produced mimics natural photosynthetic systems and is a step towards viable water splitting devices. The devices developed to utilise the intrinsic substrate formed by a condensed phase component allowing for macroscopic control of a molecular scale system.  The applications of these linked molecular and condensed phase systems to molecular devices, molecular machines, electro/photochromic filters, windows and mirrors.

This information has been contributed by Associate Professor Geoffrey Will.


Research discipline: Chemistry

This information has been contributed by Associate Professor Geoffrey Will.


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