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Dr Christina Malatzky
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Health,
School - Public Health and Social Work
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Institute of Health Biomedical Innovation (IHBI),
IHBI Health Projects,
IHBI Public Health and Social Work - HDHS
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Public Health and Health Services, Sociology, Cultural Studies
+61 7 3138 3405
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Doctor of Philosophy (Murdoch University)

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Member and Convenor of the Rural Issues thematic group of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA)

QUT Centre for Justice

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Dr Christina Malatzky (PhD, BA (Hons)) is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Public Health and Social Work and member of the QUT Centre for Justice.

Dr Malatzky is a feminist sociologist and qualitative researcher whose research critically interrogates power and social relations in the domains of gender and health, with specific expertise in rural health, and place dimensions of rural health workforce retention. She is Convenor of the Rural Issues thematic group of Australia’s national peak Association for Sociologists, The Australian Sociological Association, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and has taught across multiple discipline areas including anthropology, sociology, developmental psychology, and public health. She is interested in the operations of power relations within (rural) health and health care, the cultures of health systems and services, and gender relations in health disciplines and health care systems.

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As a tertiary educator, I have experience teaching across a broad range of disciplines and year levels in face-to-face, online and blended modes. I have many years of experience teaching in large first year units in the fields of anthropology and sociology, developmental psychology, and academic learning skills. I have taught in second year units, co-managed a third-year undergraduate course, supervised medical students undertaking year-long empirical research projects, and taught qualitative research methods to graduate research students, health professionals and researchers from a diverse range of disciplines. I have also devised new courses and subjects pertaining to First Nation health and facilitated teaching and learning workshops for health care providers across a broad range of subjects including identity politics, racism, White privilege, sameness and clinical neutrality.

Currently, I teach:

PUB215 Public Health Practice

PUB416 Research Methods

HLN707 Research Methods in Health

This information has been contributed by Dr Christina Malatzky.



Publications (peer-reviewed journal articles only)

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Grants and consultancies (externally funded only)

* CI 1 Mayes, R., CI 2 McDonald, P., Davies, J., Malatzky, C., & PI 1 Frederiksen, P. Achieving gender equality in STEMM hospital and health service research. Linkage Project funded by the Australian Research Council $652,93.

*CI 1 Bourke, L., C1 2 Malatzky, C., CI 3 Mitchell, O., & CI 4 Farmer, J. (2017–2019). Increasing inclusion in rural, generalist health services. Discovery Project funded by the Australian Research Council $298,500.

Haines, H. & Malatzky, C. (2016–2017). CENTSable evaluation. Awarded by Women’s Health Goulburn North East $10,000.


This information has been contributed by Dr Christina Malatzky.


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