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Dr Chun Ouyang
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Science,
School of Information Systems
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Distributed Computing, Information Systems
+61 7 3138 6587
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PhD in Computer Systems Engineering (Uni of South Australia)

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Process Analytics, Explainable Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Formal Modeling and Verification (using nets)

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


I embarked on my academic career when I joined QUT as a post-doctoral research fellow in 2004. My research interests focus on business process management (BPM) and also lie in the relevant areas such as service computing, modelling and verification using nets. In the area of BPM, my research contributes to several key disciplinary themes including business process modelling and verification, business process automation, data-driven process analytics (incl. process mining and process querying), BPM in the cloud, and more recently, robotic process automation.

  • I invite you to visit ‘Experience’ page for more details of my current research topics, and I welcome any genuine interest in studying or collaborating with me on the topics

I am an active researcher and I aim for research outcomes of high quality and impact. According to Google Scholar, I have an h-index of 26 and my publications have attracted over 4,093 citations. To date I have published 65 refereed publications, including two edited conference/workshop proceedings, five book chapters, 18 journal articles, and 40 conference/workshop papers. My first-authored publication in ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM), a top international journal in the field of computer science, has so far attracted over 230 citations according to Google Scholar. My research papers also appear in other top-tier international journals such as Decision Support Systems, Information Systems, ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, IEEE Internet Computing, Software and Systems Modeling.

  • Refer to ‘Publications’ page for a list of my ten selected publications and to my DBLP page in computer science bibliography for my research papers and reports to date

Another important initiative on my research agenda is attracting research incomes. To date I have been awarded five Category 1 Australian Competitive Grants, including four ARC Discovery Projects (DPs) and one Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF) project. In addition, I have two international joint research projects with Sun Yat-sen University in China, a commercial research project funded by Australian Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc), a research project with former National ICT Australia (NICTA), and a stimulus grant with Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation (AusHSI and as an associate investigator).

  • Refer to ‘Research projects’ page (for CAT.1 grants) and news about QUT awarded ARC grants in 2019 round

(Information is up to date as on 08/11/2019)

This information has been contributed by Dr Chun Ouyang.


Teaching is the highest level of learning“. I am passionate about teaching. I believe high quality teaching is underpinned by solid and in depth knowledge and wisdom, and driven by dedication and passion to engage and to inspire.

Teaching Disciplines: Information Systems; Business Process Management; Service Science

Academic Program Coordination: JIT-QUT Bachelor of IT Program (since June 2017)

Course Coordination: Master of Business Process Management (07/2018 – 07/2019)

Subject Coordination & Lecturing:

  • IFN667 Enterprise IoT Systems (new subject from 2020)
  • IFN515 Fundamentals of Business Process Management (2015-2019)
  • IFN651 Lean Six Sigma (2015-2019)
  • INN610 Case Studies in Business Process Management (2010-2014)

Subject Co-lecturing:

  • INB/N324 Business Process Analytics (2012-2014)
  • INB/N210 Databases (2009-2014)

Subject Guest-lecturing:

  • IAB201 Modelling Information Systems – Guest lecture on Object-oriented Modelling (2014-2016)
  • INN701 Advanced Research Topics – Guest lectures on Petri nets and Object Role Modelling as part of a one-day module on Introduction to Formal Methods (2009-2014)

Project Supervision:

  • IAB398/399: Undergraduate student capstone project supervision (2019-2020)
  • IFN701/702: Postgraduate student project supervision – incl: CEED & WIL project supervision (since 2015)
  • IFN690/691/693: Postgraduate student project supervision (prior to 2015)
  • INB300/302: Undergraduate student project supervision (prior to 2015)
  • CEED project supervision (prior to 2015)

Invited Subject (Co-)Teaching (external to QUT):

  • Business Process Automation: An undergraduate subject at Sun Yat-sen University (2013-2015)

Research Supervision:

QUT Internal

(Access to the theses of my research graduates can be found on ‘Supervision’ page)

  • Jing Yang (PhD student; principal supervisor; co-supervising with Prof Arthur ter Hofstede, Prof Wil van der Aalst)
  • Chathurika Wickramage (PhD student; co-supervising with Prof Colin Fidge)
  • Shilpa Kochar (MPhil student; co-supervising with Dr Jason Watson)
  • Fuguo Wei (PhD graduate in 2016; co-supervised with Prof Alistair Barros)
  • Suriadi Suriadi (PhD graduate in 2010; co-supervised with Dr Ernest Foo)
  • Kenneth Wang (PhD graduate in 2008; co-supervised with Prof Marlon Dumas)
  • Srimanth Lingamaneni (Master by Research graduate in 2010; co-supervised with Prof Lin Ma and Prof Prasad Yarlagadda)

External to QUT 

(I provide guidance and mentoring to the following research students outside QUT, though I am not officially their supervisor on administrative document)

  • Jing Yang (Master by Research graduate in 2019; Sun Yat-sen University, China)
  • Amin Jalali (PhD graduate in 2016; Stockholm University, Sweden)
  • Zhaoxia Wang (PhD graduate in 2012; Tsinghua University, China)

(Information is up to date as on 08/11/2019)

This information has been contributed by Dr Chun Ouyang.


I am inspired and strongly motivated by research-driven innovation. I enjoy teamwork and welcome collaboration with those who share common research value and interests with me. I understand the importance of industry-informed research and enjoy working with industry partners who respect and value research and researchers.

Based on my substantial research experience in the past 14 years, I believe that a true researcher is genuine, passionate and dedicated, conducts deep thinking and deep work, and has an ongoing interest in pursuing new ideas and knowledge creation. I admire true research leaders not in how big a team they lead but in how they lead their team. I believe a true research leader is a true researcher who is self-leading (with strong personal commitment) and leading others (by being able to motivate, inspire, engage, and instil a positive attitude into the team). True research leaders do not only drive an initiative but also they deep ‘dive’ with their team in tackling research challenges.

Below is a list of my current major research initiatives. More details of the research topics (including background, overview, and some earlier thoughts) can be found on my project pages on QUT research topics for Science and Engineering students. If you are interested in studying or collaborating in the context of any of these topics from either scientific or practical perspective, please feel free to contact me.

Guided Process Analytics (QUT project page)

  • New methods and techniques for querying process event logs to retrieve, aggregate, and/or infer relevant and reliable data for process analysis
  • A ‘tool box’ of data-driven process analysis capabilities (in the forms of e.g., methods, algorithms, techniques) motivated by and to inform actionable recommendations for process improvement
  • Systematic approach for generating log requirements to guide data curation for continuous (and automated) process analytics

My past and recent publications related to or leading into this initiative:

(Process-oriented) Organisational Mining (QUT project page)

  • New/improved methods and algorithms for organisational model mining built upon suitable data mining techniques
  • Novel approach and models for discovering, reasoning, and analysing (intra-)organisational and inter-organisational networks by leveraging existing social network analysis capabilities
  • New tools and visualisation of the discovered organisational networks
  • Knowledge discovery from process event logs for organisational improvement informed by management science

My recent publication under this initiative:

BPM in the Cloud (QUT project page)

  • Design of generic and scalable system architecture
  • Architectural solution built on and empowered by microservices
  • Performance evaluation framework for Cloud-based BPMS
  • Workload balancing strategies to support (stateful) process execution
  • SLA, pricing model, and computing cost for BPM-as-a-Service (BPMaaS)
  • System reliability issues such as data management, access control and security

My recent publications under this initiative:

(Information is up to date as on 01/12/2018)

This information has been contributed by Dr Chun Ouyang.


For more publications by this staff member, visit QUT ePrints, the University's research repository.

Research projects

Grants and projects (Category 1: Australian Competitive Grants only)

Re-Engineering Enterprise Systems for Microservices in the Cloud
Primary fund type
CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
Project ID
Start year
Improved Business Decision-Making via Liquid Process Model Collections
Primary fund type
CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
Project ID
Start year
process mining;process model collection;business process management
Collaboration with Beijing Jiaotong University to build Australia-China research-industry collaboration in service and process innovation
Primary fund type
CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
Project ID
Start year
Business Process Management;Service Engineering
Cost-aware business process management
Primary fund type
CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
Project ID
Start year
Information System;Business Process Model;Workflow Management;Management Accounting
Risk-Aware Business Process Management
Primary fund type
CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
Project ID
Start year
Risk Management;Information System;Business Process Model;Workflow Management


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