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Dr Andrew Baker
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Science,
School of Biology & Environmental Science
Discipline *
Genetics, Ecology
+61 7 3138 4443
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Identifiers and profiles

Ph.D Evolutionary Biology (Queensland University of Technology)

Professional memberships
and associations

Member of Australian Mammal Society Committee

Australian Mammal Society

Genetics Society of Australia

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008



Research theme: Biology and Environment

Research discipline: Biological and Environmental Science

Research program: Ecosystems

Research area

  • Mammal ecology, taxonomy and evolution
  • Evolution of aquatic flies from Gondwana
  • Evolution of bugs, their hosts, parasites & bacteria that live inside them
  • DNA barcoding: does it have a role in saving our biodiversity?

Areas of expertise

  • Mammal ecology, taxonomy and evolution
  • Population Genetics
  • Systematics
  • Aquatic invertebrate genetics
  • Vertebrate Taxonomy

Current grants

  • 2017-2020. ‘A new genus and species of Australian marsupial mammals? Systematics and taxonomy of the enigmatic false antechinuses.’ Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) National Taxonomy Research Grant Program (NTRGP). Principal Investigator $45,000.
  • 2017-2019. ‘Ecology, and conservation of the Black-tailed Dusky Antechinus (A. arktos).’ Save Our Species, DEH, NSW. Principal Investigator $24,000.
  • 2014-17. Distribution, genetic structure and conservation status of the Silver-headed Antechinus, Antechinus argentus. $25,000 Fitzroy Basin Association Principal Investigator (with H. Hines).
  • 2014-15. Status and conservation of the Carpentarian False Antechinus at the Mt Colin Copper Mine, near Cloncurry. $52,680 Exco Resources Limited Project Leader (with S. Burnett).

Selected research projects

  • Ecology, evolution and conservation of marsupial mammals: Antechinus and Pseudantechinus
  • Population structure and environmental tolerances of relict Gondwanan chironomid midges, along the coast and sub-coast of eastern Australia.
  • Phylogenetics of Australian Freshwater Mussels
  • Phylogenetic Diversity and DNA barcoding: their role in biodiversity preservation.
  • Biodiversity and phylogenetics of macroinvertberates in the Sydney Water Supply Catchment, Australia
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Teaching Discipline: Bioscience

Teaching Areas:

  • Environmental Science (SEB116 Experimental Science 2, EVB102 Ecosystems and the Environment, SEB104 Grand Challenges in Science)
  • Biology (BVB214 Vertebrate Life, BVB204 Ecology)
This information has been contributed by Dr Andrew Baker.


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