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Dr Alireza Nili
Lecturer in Service Science
Science and Engineering Faculty,
Information Systems
Discipline *
Information Systems
+61 7 3138 2533
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PhD (Victoria University of Wellington)

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Dr Alireza Nili is a Lecturer in Service Science. He investigates digitization of services from the customer-centric perspective. He uses a wide range of conceptual and empirical research methods, both qualitative and quantitative, to study user behavior, and to design, evaluate and theories co-production of personalized digital services, particularly in platform ecosystems. He received his PhD in Information Systems from Victoria University of Wellington (University of Wellington, New Zealand) and then his Postdoctoral Research Fellow from QUT before his tenured/ongoing Lecturer role at the University. A customer-centric perspective on conversational agents and chatbots is one of his latest areas of research. He coordinates IT Systems Design (one of the largest core units at the university) and teaches design thinking, business systems analysis, and research methodology. Alireza has had several collaborative projects with the School’s key industry partners, and serves roles such as track chair and associate editor (referee) at major conferences in the field (ICIS and ACIS).

Some of his latest research publications include:
Nili, A., Barros, A., & Tate, M. (2019). The public sector can teach us a lot about digitizing customer service. MIT Sloan Management Review, 60(2), 84-87.

Nili, A., Tate, M., & Johnstone, D. (2018). The process of solving problems with self-service technologies: a study from the user’s perspective. Electronic Commerce Research, 1-35.

Nili, A., Tate, M., & Johnstone, D. (2017). A framework and approach for analysis of focus group data in information systems research. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 40(Article 1), 1-21.

… and several other research projects.

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