• Profile picture of Csaba Buday

    Mr Csaba Buday

    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Creative Practice,

  • Profile picture of Matthew Rimmer

    Professor Matthew Rimmer

    Professor, Intellectual Property and Innovation
    Faculty of Law,
    Law School

    Research Interests | IPIL Digital Copyright and Information Technology Law, Media and Communications Law, Innovation Law Gene Patents and Biotechnology Regulation Intellectual Property: Copyright, Patent Law, Trademark Law, PBR, Designs, Trade Secrets Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products and Tobacco Control Intellectual Property, Renewable Energy, Clean Technologies, and Climate Change Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Intellectual Property Intellectual Property and 3D Printing, Remix Culture, and the Maker Movement International Trade WTO, AUSFTA, ACTA, KAFTA, JAEPA, CHAFTA, ISDS, TPP, TISA, TTIP, RCEP (QUT ILGG ) Access to Essential Medicines

  • Profile picture of Terry Flew

    Professor Terry Flew

    Assistant Dean (Research)
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    Research Office

    Research Interests | Creative Industries Global media and communication Platform regulation and governance Digital creative economy Trust in the digital economy Media economics Chinese media Media in Asia Media policy Media industries

  • Profile picture of Bronwyn Ewing

    Dr Bronwyn Ewing

    Senior Lecturer
    Faculty of Education,
    School of Teacher Education and Leadership

    Research Interests | STEM education Mathematics education Special Education Youth in detention: education and training

  • Profile picture of Melissa Haswell

    Professor Melissa Haswell

    Faculty of Health,
    School - Public Health and Social Work

  • Profile picture of Vaughn Pinxit

    Dr Vaughn Pinxit

    Lecturer (Graphic Design)
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Design Office,
    Interactive and Visual Design

    Research Interests | Interdisciplinary Practice, Transdisciplinary strategies. Practice-led Research, Reflexivity, Conscious Bridging. Technology Art, Electronic Art, Sound Art, Video, Sensors, Kinetics. Interactive Installations, Networked Systems. Prototyping, App Design Theory, Web Design Theory. Design Methods, Design Theory, Contemporary Art Theory, Post-structuralism. Fine Art, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Bronze Scuplture, Kinetic Sculpture. Arduino, Processing, Electronic Trade Theory. Meditation, Zen & Engaged Buddhism, Vipassana Meditation, Rigpa Tibetan Meditation, Stillness. Performance, Butoh.

  • Profile picture of Elliot Carr

    Dr Elliot Carr

    Senior Lecturer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Mathematical Sciences,
    Applied and Computational Mathematics

  • Profile picture of Mellini Sloan

    Mrs Mellini Sloan

    Lecturer Urban & Regional Planning
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Civil Engineering and Built Environment,
    Property and Planning

    Research Interests | climate change adaptation coastal management conflict resolution disaster planning and response environmental planning and management place dynamics and active transport policy innovation quantitative analysis technology and policy adoption urban hydrology