• Profile picture of John Outram

    Dr John Outram

    Research Fellow
    Faculty of Engineering,
    School of Mech., Medical & Process Engineering

  • Profile picture of Chun Ouyang

    Dr Chun Ouyang

    Senior Lecturer
    Faculty of Science,
    School of Information Systems

    Research Interests | Process Analytics Explainable Analytics Predictive Analytics Data Mining Cloud Computing Edge Computing Formal Modeling and Verification (using nets)

  • Profile picture of Anne Overell

    Miss Anne Overell

    Senior Research Assistant
    Faculty of Business & Law,
    School of Accountancy

  • Profile picture of Oscar Oviedo Trespalacios

    Dr Oscar Oviedo Trespalacios

    Strategic Senior Research Fellow
    Faculty of Health,
    School of Psychology & Counselling

    Research Interests | Human Factors Safety Science Cognitive Engineering Transport Injury Prevention Industrial and Organisational Psychology

  • avatar

    Adjunct Professor Yong Sik Ok

    Adjunct Professor
    Faculty of Science,
    School of Chemistry & Physics