• Profile picture of Jennifer Alford

    Dr Jennifer Alford

    Senior Lecturer in TESOL
    Faculty of Education,
    School of Teacher Education and Leadership

    Research Interests | Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis Literacy, Critical Literacy, Digital Literacy, Media Literacy EAL/D, ESL, ELL, TESOL, Bilingualism Language, Language Teaching, Language Learning, Second Language Teaching Linguistics, Applied linguistics Case Study, Critical Case Study Language and Content Integration Critical Thinking Policy, Curriculum, Syllabus Intercultural understanding

  • Profile picture of Muhammad Ali

    Dr Muhammad Ali

    Senior Lecturer
    QUT Business School,

    Research Interests | Workforce diversity (gender, age, race/ethnicity) Diversity policies and practices Work-life policies and practices Individual and organisational effectiveness

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    Dr Cherie Allan

    Sessional Academic
    Faculty of Education,
    School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education

  • Profile picture of Charlotte Allen

    Associate Professor Charlotte Allen

    Director, Central Analytical Research Facility / Principal Research Fellow (Elements & Isotopes)
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

    Research Interests | Geochronology Zircon ICPMS Isotope Geochemistry Inorganic Chemistry Geology

  • Profile picture of Mark Allenby

    Dr Mark Allenby

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow (AQF)
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Engineering,
    Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

  • Profile picture of David Alonso Caneiro

    Dr David Alonso Caneiro

    Senior Research Fellow
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Optometry and Vision Science,
    Research - Optometry and Vision Science

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    Adjunct Associate Professor Roger Altizer Jr

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Computer Science

  • Profile picture of Mehdi Amirkhani

    Dr Mehdi Amirkhani

    QMomentum Visiting Fellow
    Division of Research and Innovation,
    Graduate Research and Development,
    Graduate Research & Development

  • Profile picture of Jiyuan An

    Dr Jiyuan An

    Bioinformatics Specialist
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Biology & Environmental Science

    Research Interests | bioinformatics high dimentional data indexing miRNA and its target identification microarray data analysis sequencing data analysis time series data indexing transcript factor identification

  • Profile picture of Pranit Anand

    Dr Pranit Anand

    Lecturer, Learning Design
    Office of the Provost,
    Learning & Teaching Unit,
    Digital Learning Portfolio