• Profile picture of Saskia Neale

    Ms Saskia Neale

    Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Profile picture of Jeanette Neden

    Dr Jeanette Neden

    Senior Lecturer, Curriculum & Learning Design
    Office of the Provost,
    Learning & Teaching Unit,
    Digital Learning Portfolio

  • Profile picture of Jeremy Neideck

    Dr Jeremy Neideck

    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Creative Practice,

  • avatar

    Ms Penny Neller

    Project Coordinator
    Faculty of Health,
    Centre for Health Outcomes, Systems and Services,
    CPCOC Tier2

  • Profile picture of Colleen Nelson

    Professor Colleen Nelson

    Faculty of Health,
    School - Biomedical Sciences

  • Profile picture of Madhav Nepal

    Dr Madhav Nepal

    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Built Environment

    Research Interests | Building Information Modelling (BIM) Construction Efficiency, Productivity, and Performance Construction Management Construction Automation Facilities Management Project Management Sustainability in the Built Environment

  • Profile picture of Jawahar Nerkar

    Dr Jawahar Nerkar

    Senior Electrochemical Engineer, Research Engineering Facility
    Institute for Future Environments,
    IFE Directorate,
    REF- Research Engineering Facility

    Research Interests | Li ion Battery, Supercapacitor Electrode Materials Electrochemistry Energy Storage Devices Nanomaterials

  • Profile picture of Michelle Newcomb

    Dr Michelle Newcomb

    Faculty of Health,
    School - Public Health and Social Work

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    Emeritus Professor Beth Newman

    Emeritus Professor
    Administrative Services,
    Human Resources Department,
    HR Client Services

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    Ms Christine Newsome

    Associate Lecturer
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Creative Practice,
    Film, Screen & Animation