• Profile picture of Helen MacLaughlin

    Dr Helen MacLaughlin

    Senior Lecturer (Nutrition and Dietetics)/Advanced Clinician Researcher
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

    Research Interests | nutrition assessment chronic kidney disease acute kidney injury dietary interventions nutritional epidemiology

  • Profile picture of Jennifer MacLeod

    Associate Professor Jennifer MacLeod

    Head of School
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Chemistry & Physics

    Research Interests | surface science nanoscience microscopy spectroscopy diffraction on-surface chemistry molecular self-assembly

  • avatar

    Dr Alissa Macoun

    Faculty of Law,
    School of Justice

    Research Interests | Indigenous Politics and Policy Settler Colonialism Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy Northern Territory Intervention race and racism whiteness colonial knowledge politics Australian politics QUT Centre for Justice

  • Profile picture of Phoebe Macrossan

    Dr Phoebe Macrossan

    Research Assistant
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Creative Practice,
    Film, Screen & Animation

    Research Interests | film screen television musicals music video celebrity studies popular music

  • avatar

    Dr Vanessa Mafe-Keane

    Associate Lecturer
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Creative Practice,

  • Profile picture of Ramona Maggini

    Dr Ramona Maggini

    Visiting Fellow
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Biology & Environmental Science

    Research Interests | spatial ecology species distribution modelling ecological modelling conservation ecology and planning climate change adaptation endangered species biodiversity biodiversity monitoring geographic information systems spatial analysis

  • Profile picture of Rowena Maguire

    Dr Rowena Maguire

    Senior Lecturer
    Faculty of Law,
    Law School

    Research Interests | Equitable Climate Policy International Climate Regulation Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation Women and Environmental Regulation Australian Environmental and Climate Law ILGG

  • Profile picture of Mahen Mahendran

    Professor Mahen Mahendran

    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Research Interests | Cold-formed, hot-rolled and welded steel structures Thin-walled metal structures Cyclone and storm resistant buildings and their components Fire safety of light gauge steel structures Structural performance of buildings and their components under wind loads Thermal and mechanical properties of construction materials used in lightweight steel construction Innovative steel hollow flange beam sections Thin metal roof and wall cladding systems Sandwich panel cladding systems Disaster resilience and hazard mitigation

  • Profile picture of Sean Maher

    Dr Sean Maher

    Higher Degree Research Training Coordinator
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Creative Practice

  • Profile picture of Frederic Maire

    Dr Frederic Maire

    Senior Lecturer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Electrical Engineering & Robotics

    Research Interests | Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Machine Learning Pattern Recognition Robotics