• Profile picture of Maria Kaya

    Dr Maria Kaya

    Sessional Academic
    Faculty of Business & Law,
    School of Management

  • Profile picture of Sherrie-Anne Kaye

    Dr Sherrie-Anne Kaye

    Research Fellow (Advanced Technologies)
    Faculty of Health,
    School of Psychology & Counselling

  • Profile picture of Christina Kazantzidou

    Dr Christina Kazantzidou

    Faculty of Engineering,
    School of Electrical Engineering & Robotics

    Research Interests | Mathematical Control Theory Marine Control Systems Eigenstructure Assignment Geometric Control Theory Descriptor Systems Polynomial Methods

  • Profile picture of Changxia Ke

    Dr Changxia Ke

    Senior Lecturer
    Faculty of Business & Law,
    School of Economics & Finance

    Research Interests |

  • Profile picture of Michael Keane

    Adjunct Professor Michael Keane

    Adjunct Professor
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Communication

    Research Interests | Chinese and Asian creative industries policy Chinese media and new media Chinese television Regional creative clusters

  • Profile picture of Rebecca Keane

    Ms Rebecca Keane

    Research Training Program (Stipend) Domestic Co-Funded (RTP)
    Faculty of Law,
    School of Justice

  • Profile picture of Byron Keating

    Professor Byron Keating

    Faculty of Business & Law,
    School of Advertising, Marketing & PR

  • Profile picture of Sue Keay

    Adjunct Professor Sue Keay

    Adjunct Professor
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Electrical Engineering & Robotics

  • Profile picture of Andy Keir

    Mr Andy Keir

    Manager, Research Engineering Facility
    Academic Division,
    Research Portfolio,
    Office of the PVC, Research Infrastructure

  • Profile picture of Wayne Kelly

    Dr Wayne Kelly

    Senior Lecturer
    Faculty of Science,
    School of Computer Science

    Research Interests | Program Analysis Parallel Programming High Performance Computing Big Data Bioinformatics Data Flow Analysis