• Profile picture of Douglas Baker

    Professor Douglas Baker

    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Built Environment

    Research Interests | Regional air transport Airport Planning Airport Metropolis Governance Integrated Resource Management Land use planning Transit Oriented Development Infrastructure Planning

  • Profile picture of Philip Baker

    Professor Philip Baker

    Faculty of Health,
    School - Public Health and Social Work

    Research Interests | physical activity chronic disease prevention systematic reviews evidence informed practice and policy teaching and learning epidemiology smoking prevention systematic overviews community wide interventions Cochrane Collaboration

  • Profile picture of Hakan Bakir

    Mr Hakan Bakir

    Research Engineer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Mechanical Medical & Process Engineering

    Research Interests | process engineering sugar clarification filtration separation

  • avatar

    Mr Chandeep Bakshi

    Lecturer in Medical Imaging
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Clinical Sciences,
    Medical Radiation Sciences

  • Profile picture of Marie Balczun

    Ms Marie Balczun

    Research Assistant
    QUT Business School,
    Aus. Centre for Philanthropy Nonprofit Studies

  • Profile picture of Louise Baldwin

    Ms Louise Baldwin

    Senior Lecturer
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Public Health and Social Work

    Research Interests | Systems change and healthy communities Nonprofit sector's role in public health Sustainability of health promotion programs and policies Community-based and settings-based approaches for health Social entrepreneurship / social enterprise and public health Program planning, implementation and evaluation Built environment design and health Health promotion Skin cancer prevention Shade and apparel for sun protection

  • Profile picture of Matthew Ball

    Associate Professor Matthew Ball

    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Law,
    School of Justice

    Research Interests | queer theory sexuality gender diversity LGBT people and criminal justice critical criminology governmentality poststructuralism Foucault QUT Centre for Justice

  • Profile picture of Julia Bally

    Dr Julia Bally

    Postdoctoral Senior Research Fellow in Plant Biotechnology
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Biology & Environmental Science

    Research Interests | Plant biotechnology & Plant genomic Plant Genetic Engineering & Signaling Molecular & Cellular Biology Plant Physiology and evolution Recombinant proteins / gene expression

  • Profile picture of Hilary Bambrick

    Professor Hilary Bambrick

    Head of School
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Public Health and Social Work

  • Profile picture of Wasana Bandara

    Dr Wasana Bandara

    Senior Lecturer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Information Systems

    Research Interests | Business Process Management Business Process Modeling Capability building Education Expertise IS research methods