• Profile picture of Barbara Adkins

    Adjunct Associate Professor Barbara Adkins

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Design Office

    Research Interests | Sociology of Design Sociology Of Communication And Technology New Media, Urbanism And Social Networks Sociology Of Higher Education Pedagogy Sociology Of The Arts And Creative Work

  • Profile picture of Duzgun Agdas

    Dr Duzgun Agdas

    Senior Lecturer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Research Interests | Construction supply chain management and logistics Construction materials management Information systems and technology Stochastic methods Infrastructure disaster resilience Discrete Optimization Extreme event perception and damage assessment Sustainable infrastructure systems

  • avatar

    Adjunct Professor Peter Aitken

    Adjunct Professor
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Public Health and Social Work,
    Research - Public Health

  • Profile picture of Afshin Akhtar-Khavari

    Professor Afshin Akhtar-Khavari

    Faculty of Law,
    Law School

    Research Interests | International Environmental Law ILGG Restoration Wetlands

  • Profile picture of Jose Alarco

    Professor Jose Alarco

    Professorial Fellow
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Chemistry & Physics

    Research Interests | Nanoscale materials Complex metal oxides Process plant Battery materials Non-oxide materials Synthesis Computational chemistry Physical properties

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    Dr Julie Albietz

    Visiting Fellow
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Optometry and Vision Science

  • Profile picture of Sabina Albrecht

    Dr Sabina Albrecht

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    QUT Business School,
    Economics and Finance

    Research Interests | Behavioural economics Education Development Applied Microeconometrics Migration

  • Profile picture of Kim Alexander

    Associate Professor Kim Alexander

    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Nursing

    Research Interests | Personalised Health Care Genetics Cancer Symptom managment Quality of Life Health Services Research

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    Mr Dominic Alexander

    Senior Project Officer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Mechanical Medical & Process Engineering

  • Profile picture of Kirill Alexandrov

    Professor Kirill Alexandrov

    Professor of Synthetic Biology
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    School of Biology & Environmental Science