• Profile picture of Rebecca Byrne

    Dr Rebecca Byrne

    Faculty of Health,
    School - Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

    Research Interests | Feeding practices Infant feeding Complementary feeding Breastfeeding Dietary intake

  • Profile picture of Laura Delafresnaye Broqua

    Dr Laura Delafresnaye Broqua

    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Division of Research and Innovation,
    Research and Innovation - DVC Office,
    Research & Innovation - DVC Office

  • Profile picture of Louise Hafner Bishop

    Professor Louise Hafner Bishop

    Faculty of Health,
    School - Biomedical Sciences

    Research Interests | Chlamydia trachomatis Female Reproductive Tract Mucosal Immunity Sexually Transmitted Diseases Vaccines

  • Profile picture of Lindy Osborne Burton

    Dr Lindy Osborne Burton

    Senior Lecturer in Architecture
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Design Office,

    Research Interests | Learning Landscapes Learning Environments Space Pedagogy Context Technologies Architectural Education Creative Education Architectural Design Studio