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    Dr Naomi Tutticci

    IHBI Membership
    Institute of Health Biomedical Innovation (IHBI),
    IHBI Health Projects,
    IHBI Nursing - CDA

  • Profile picture of Sven Tuzovic

    Dr Sven Tuzovic

    Senior Lecturer
    Faculty of Business & Law,
    School of Advertising, Marketing & PR

    Research Interests | Services Marketing Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing Wearable Technology Healthcare Emotions Service Quality Customer Satisfaction Customer Loyalty Internal Marketing

  • Profile picture of Anna Tweeddale

    Dr Anna Tweeddale

    Lecturer in Architecture
    Faculty of Engineering,
    School of Architecture & Built Environment

  • Profile picture of Divera Twisk

    Adjunct Professor Divera Twisk

    Adjunct Professor
    Faculty of Health,
    Office of the Executive Dean, Health

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    Professor Gene Tyson

    Professor of Microbial Genomics
    Faculty of Health,
    School of Biomedical Sciences

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    Dr Anastasia Tyurina

    Lecturer in Visual Communication
    Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice,
    School of Design,
    Visual Communication

  • Profile picture of Tanja Tyvimaa

    Dr Tanja Tyvimaa

    Senior Lecturer
    Faculty of Business & Law,
    School of Economics & Finance

    Research Interests | property economics property development housing markets property value housing pricing seniors housing housing preferences