• Profile picture of Belinda Luke

    Associate Professor Belinda Luke

    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Business & Law,
    School of Accountancy

  • Profile picture of Joanne Lunn

    Professor Joanne Lunn

    Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice,
    School of Early Childhood & Inclusive Education

    Research Interests | early childhood education and care epistemic cogntion teacher education Teacher Education and Professional Learning (TEPL)

  • Profile picture of Khanh Luong

    Dr Khanh Luong

    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Faculty of Science,
    School of Computer Science

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    Dr Janine Lurie

    Research Assistant
    Faculty of Health,
    School of Psychology & Counselling

  • Profile picture of Terry Lyons

    Adjunct Professor Terry Lyons

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Faculty of Education,
    School of Teacher Education and Leadership

    Research Interests | Science education STEM participation and enrolment trends Out of Field Teaching in STEM Science teacher education STEM Outreach Program evaluation Gender and STEM Attitudes to school science Engaging young people in STEM Science education in rural contexts Innovative ICTs in science education

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    Dr Kah Meng Lee

    Histology Laboratory Technician
    Academic Division,
    Research Portfolio,
    Office of the PVC, Research Infrastructure