• Profile picture of Deryn Vahl Meyer

    Ms Deryn Vahl Meyer

    Associate Dean - International, Engagement & Diversity
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Assistant Deans,
    AD International and Engagement

  • Profile picture of Kirsten Vallmuur

    Associate Professor Kirsten Vallmuur

    Principal Research Fellow
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Public Health and Social Work

    Research Interests | data quality health information system injury surveillance trauma data linkage epidemiology health classification injury prevention

  • Profile picture of Jeanette Van Akkeren

    Dr Jeanette Van Akkeren

    Senior Lecturer
    QUT Business School,

  • avatar

    Adjunct Professor Wil van der Aalst

    Adjunct Professor
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Information Systems,
    Business Process Management

  • avatar

    Dr Timothy Van der Laan

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Engineering,

  • Profile picture of Jolieke van der Pols

    Associate Professor Jolieke van der Pols

    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

    Research Interests | Nutrition Epidemiology Cancer Cancer precursors Vitamin D Folate Micronutrients Obesity Colorectal cancer Genetics

  • Profile picture of Petrus van Heijster

    Dr Petrus van Heijster

    Senior Lecturer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Mathematical Sciences,
    Applied and Computational Mathematics

    Research Interests | reaction-diffusion equations singularly perturbed techniques stability analyses nonlinear pattern formation defect systems travelling waves interaction of localised structures

  • Profile picture of Tess Van Hemert

    Dr Tess Van Hemert

    Lecturer, Media & Entertainment
    Creative Industries Faculty,
    School of Communication

  • Profile picture of Lisa van Leent

    Dr Lisa van Leent

    Senior Lecturer (Literacy)
    Faculty of Education,
    School of Teacher Education and Leadership

    Research Interests | Diverse sexualities Primary Pedagogy Teacher education Sex education Digital literacies English Curriculum

  • Profile picture of Jaap Van Netten

    Adjunct Associate Professor Jaap Van Netten

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Clinical Sciences,
    Research - Clinical Sciences