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    Dr Vinh Truong

    Research Fellow
    Faculty of Science,
    School of Chemistry & Physics

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    Adjunct Associate Professor Siok-Keen Tey

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Faculty of Health,
    Office of the Executive Dean, Health

  • Profile picture of Ellen Tyquin

    Ms Ellen Tyquin

    CMBI Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Faculty of Business & Law,
    Office of the Executive Dean, Business & Law

  • Profile picture of Fred Arne Thorberg

    Dr Fred Arne Thorberg

    IHBI Membership
    Institute of Health Biomedical Innovation (IHBI),
    IHBI Health Projects,
    IHBI Psych and Counc - HDHS

    Research Interests | Alexithymia Substance use disorders Alcohol Emotion regulation Addiction Mindfulness Craving Attachment Compassion

  • Profile picture of Manuela Taboada

    Dr Manuela Taboada

    Senior Lecturer (Graphic Design)
    Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice,
    School of Design,
    Visual Communication

    Research Interests | change through design collaborative design design and complexity design experience design thinking place identity and branding places as complex emergent systems sustainable tourism visual communication

  • Profile picture of Gordon Tait

    Professor Gordon Tait

    Faculty of CI, Education & Social Justice,
    School of Early Childhood & Inclusive Education

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    Dr Marissa Takahashi

    Manager, Digital Observatory
    Academic Division,
    Research Portfolio,
    Office of the PVC, Research Infrastructure

  • Profile picture of Peter Talbot

    Professor Peter Talbot

    Professorial Fellow
    Faculty of Science,
    School of Chemistry & Physics

  • Profile picture of Ben Talbot

    Dr Ben Talbot

    Research Fellow
    Faculty of Engineering,
    School of Electrical Engineering & Robotics

    Research Interests | Robotics Navigation Cognitive Robotics Embodied Cognition Artificial Intelligence

  • Profile picture of Lisa Tam

    Dr Lisa Tam

    Faculty of Business & Law,
    School of Advertising, Marketing & PR

    Research Interests | integrated marketing communication public relations construct development and measurement