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    Mr Grant Axman-Friend

    Associate Lecturer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Civil Engineering and Built Environment,
    Civil Engineering

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    Ms Natasha Ayling

    Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend
    Faculty of Education,
    School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education

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    Miss Maria Antico

    Research Fellow
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Engineering,
    Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

  • Profile picture of Geoff Abbott

    Dr Geoff Abbott

    Business Sessional Academic
    QUT Business School,
    QUT Graduate School of Business

  • Profile picture of Bridget Abell

    Dr Bridget Abell

    Research Fellow
    Faculty of Health,
    School - Public Health and Social Work,
    Research - Public Health

    Research Interests | health services research clinical epidemiology cardiac rehabilitation evidence-based practice exercise as medicine

  • Profile picture of Michael Adams

    Dr Michael Adams

    Senior Lecturer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Information Systems,
    Business Process Management

    Research Interests | Activity Theory Process Aware Information Systems Service Oriented Architectures Workflow Systems

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    Dr Mark Adams

    Strategic Research Fellow
    Institute of Health Biomedical Innovation (IHBI),
    IHBI Directorate Office

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    Dr Prakash Adhikari

    Faculty of Health,
    School - Optometry and Vision Science

  • Profile picture of Barbara Adkins

    Adjunct Associate Professor Barbara Adkins

    Participation Assistant
    Administrative Services,
    Office of the Registrar,
    Equity Services Department

    Research Interests | Sociology of Design Sociology Of Communication And Technology New Media, Urbanism And Social Networks Sociology Of Higher Education Pedagogy Sociology Of The Arts And Creative Work

  • Profile picture of Duzgun Agdas

    Dr Duzgun Agdas

    Senior Lecturer
    Science and Engineering Faculty,
    Civil Engineering and Built Environment,
    Construction and Project Management

    Research Interests | Construction supply chain management and logistics Construction materials management Information systems and technology Stochastic methods Infrastructure disaster resilience Discrete Optimization Extreme event perception and damage assessment Sustainable infrastructure systems