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Dr Karen Theobald

Faculty of Health,
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Dr Karen Theobald
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Health,
School - Nursing
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Doctor of Philosophy (Griffith University), MHlthSc (Queensland University of Technology), GCert (Higher Ed) (Queensland University of Technology), BAppSc (Queensland University of Technology)

Professional memberships
and associations

2002 – current

  • Member Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN)
  • Deputy Chair and Member Australian Resuscitation Council, Queensland Branch, representing ACCCN Queensland
  • Executive Member Australian Resuscitation Council, Queensland Branch, representing ACCCN Queensland
  • Australian College of Critical Care Nurses, Queensland, ARC Guideline Review Coordinator
  • Member College of Emergency Nursing Australasia (since 2008)


Teaching and Learning, Cardiovascular Nursing, Emergency and Resusitation

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Dr Karen Theobald is the Director of Academic Programs, in the School of Nursing (SoN), Queensland University of Technology. She is also the Postgraduate Study Area Coordinator for Emergency Nursing. She has:

  • worked as a full-time senior lecturer, lecturer  and also in a fractional appointment for a number of years as well as sessional appointments
  • extensive experience and demonstrated leadership in both the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning areas in the SoN
  • led the development and expansion of courses offered in the postgraduate emergency nursing study area in the SoN
  • completed her PhD in 2002 looking  the influences on post discharge recovery following coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

Clinical and Research Interests

  • learning and teaching
  • cardiovascular nursing (family experiences and recovery/rehabilitation)
  • resuscitation issues (through committee membership on the Australian Resuscitation Council, Australian College of Critical Care Nurses, Advanced Life Support Committee).

Project Highlights

2015 – 2016: Academic-industry integration in health: enhancing postgraduate professional learning. CAT 1 – Australian Competitive OLT Seed Research Grant. Alexandra McCarthy, Fiona Coyer, Karen Theobald, Ramon Shaban, Amanda Henderson, Robyn Fox, Bernadette Thomson

2015 – 2016: Embedding peer review of teaching in practice disciplines: development of a multi-disciplinary approach to off-campus contexts. QUT Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme Barnard, A, Tippett, V, Theobald, K,Rider, T, Harvey, T, Malouf, N.

2012 – 2014: Promoting active learning through technologies: Redesigning the tutorial learning environment (Principal investigator), QUT Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme.

2011 -2012: Scoping the prevalence and determinants of cardiotoxicities following cancer treatment, IHBI Collaborative Seed Grant Scheme/IHBI MCR, QUT.

2008 – 2009: Exploring the needs, issues and concerns of Graduate entry students in the Bachelor Nursing program, School of Nursing Small Grant Scheme, Teaching and Learning Development.

1997: “Development of an integrated self-paced learning package to promote quality on-campus clinical education for pre-registration nursing students.” Educational Grant from QUT Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme.

Industry Research Activities

2007 – 2009: Vascular access and cardiac complications after PTCA, using descriptive data from a hospital database. St Andrews Memorial Hospital, Brisbane.

1998: Development of an ALS Distance Education Program. ALS, Working Party – Educational Grant, CACCN.

1995: “Evaluating the quality and effectiveness of selected models of pre-registration clinical education formats.” Educational grant, National Priority Reserve Fund (teaching) project.

1995: “A comparison of the efficacy of curriculum models in postgraduate specialty nursing education with respect to established performance indicators.” Educational grant, National Priority Reserve Fund (teaching) project.

This information has been contributed by Dr Karen Theobald.


Dr Theobald has extensive experience in teaching and coordinating units across the QUT’s undergraduate and postgraduate nursing programs in the School of Nursing (SoN). Karen has taught in all three years of QUT’s undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing (BN) program. She has taught in both the theoretical and clinical units. Karen has demonstrated leadership and expertise in teaching and learning across the Postgraduate emergency nursing study area courses/units and in some of the core shared units in the postgraduate program in the SoN. She has:

  • strong tertiary education qualifications
  • been involved in many quality improvements/curricular developments for improving student learning
  • led the Faculty of Health, Transformation of Learning project 2013-2014, redeveloping the Graduate Certificate in Nursing to a innovative transformed approach, utilising a captivate learning platform to create individually paced, engaging modules of learning
  • been a part of a number of small teaching and learning research projects
  • been a part of two large National Reserve research grants (focusing on improving/evaluating effectiveness of models of undergraduate and postgraduate education).

Career Mentoring Convener

Karen was nursing convener for Career Mentor Scheme (six years), working in conjunction with QUT’s Careers and Employment section. The scheme assisted final-year students in their transition to Registered Nurse through:

  • establishing partnerships with practicing Registered Nurses
  • promoting excellent networking opportunities and learning avenues, available in a variety and number of clinical areas.

Dr Theobald has taught the following units:

  • Postgraduate Courses (QUT)

             Emergency nursing

            Acute care nursing

            Advanced health assessment (UG, PG, NP)

            Advanced life support/resuscitation

            Cardiovascular disease

            Qualitative research methods

  • Undergraduate Courses (QUT)

            Biophysical health/Medical surgical nursing/Acute care

            Clinical practice university laboratories/lectures/clinical setting

            Cardiothoracic nursing care

            Clinical elective – critical care/high dependency focus

            Nursing and the family/community

            Professional practice issues

This information has been contributed by Dr Karen Theobald.


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Awards and recognition

Academic Honours, Prestigious Awards or Prizes
Reference year
Nominated for Vice Chancellor Award for Teaching Excellence, Faculty of Health, Leadership, Learning and Teaching category.
Academic Honours, Prestigious Awards or Prizes
Reference year
Nominated for Vice Chancellor Award for Teaching Excellence, Faculty of Health, Leadership, Learning and Teaching category
Academic Honours, Prestigious Awards or Prizes
Reference year
Recipiant 2009 Faculty of Health Vice Chancellor's Performance Award for Teaching excellence
Academic Honours, Prestigious Awards or Prizes
Reference year
Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence Nominee In recognition for exceptional sustained performance and outstanding achievement in: Learning and Teaching Leadership