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Dr Lisa Tam

QUT Business School,
Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations


Dr Lisa Tam
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
QUT Business School,
Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations
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Communication and Media Studies, Marketing
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PhD (Purdue University), MPhil (Chinese University of Hong Kong), MStratPR (University of Sydney), BA (University of Sydney)


communication, measurement, public relations, public diplomacy

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Lisa (also known as “Dr. Lai Shan Tam” in the QUT system) joined the QUT School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations in Feb 2017. She is also affiliated with the Debiasing and Lay Informatics (DaLI) lab at the University of Oklahoma. She uses qualitative (e.g., case studies, interviews and focus groups) and quantitative (e.g., content analysis, experiments, survey, and network analysis, including concept mapping and data visualization) methods to conduct conceptual and empirical research in the following areas:

The behavioral, strategic management paradigm of public relations: Based on the findings of the Excellence Study, this paradigm stresses that public relations best contributes to organizational effectiveness when practitioners play an active role as boundary spanners between an organization and its publics. Through research on publics segmentation and relationship management, this paradigm guides organizations to make effective decisions when facing multiple publics with competing values.

The relationship-centered approach to public diplomacy: As the relationship-centered approach to public diplomacy has been espoused as smart diplomacy, Lisa’s research conceptualizes the concepts of publics and relationships in public diplomacy and measures relationships as public diplomacy outcomes (i.e., Relationship Assessment of Diplomatic Interaction Outcome (RADIO) scale). Her current research examines (a) how to segment publics in public diplomacy, (b) how relationships are built and portrayed in public diplomacy, and (c) the measurement and evaluation of public diplomacy outputs, outtakes, outcomes and impact.

The interdisciplinary application of communication research and practices: With a background in mass communication, Lisa works with researchers from other disciplines (e.g., information systems, political science, business management, and philosophy) to extend the interdisciplinary application of public relations research. She is always eager to promote new research findings in communication to other disciplines and to integrate concepts from other disciplines into communication.

Lisa is a recipient of the following honors and awards:
  • 2016 Page & Johnson Legacy Scholar, Arthur W. Page Society
  • 2014 Summer Research Grant, Purdue University
  • 2014 Peter Debrecency Corporate Communication Award, International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC)
  • 2011 Top Student Paper Award, Social Cognitive Division of National Communication Association (NCA)
  • 2011 Media Academy Fellow, Salzburg Global Seminar
  • 2010, 2011, 2012 Outstanding Teaching Awards, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lisa is passionate about working with students, faculty colleagues and industry partners to translate research findings into practical outcomes which benefit the profession and society. Her training in research methods has led her to develop a strong interest in developing practical instruments which can be used by organizations to improve organizational practices. Lisa completed her PhD at Purdue University in May 2015. Prior to joining QUT, she was a a teaching-focused Lecturer (U.S. equivalence of tenure-track Assistant Professor) of Strategic Communication at La Trobe University.
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Lisa is currently a unit coordinator for AMB330 Digital Portfolio.

She has previously taught the following classes:

La Trobe University, Australia (2015-17)

  • STC1WSC Writing for Strategic Communication
  • STC1CAM Campaigns: Strategy, Analysis and Design
  • STC2CTA Communication Theory and Analysis
  • STC5SOC Strategic Communication in Society (postgraduate)
  • STC5RES Strategic Communication Research (postgraduate)
  • STC5THP Strategic Communication Thesis (postgraduate)

Purdue University, U.S.A. (2012-15)

  • COM114 Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • COM314 Advanced Presentational Speaking
  • COM325 Interviewing: Principles and Practices

Chinese University of Hong Kong (2010-12)

  • COMM2910 News Analysis
  • COMM4140 International Communication
Lisa is very passionate about learning from industry professionals and academic colleagues on what is needed in public relations teaching and research, and is very eager to work with industry partners to integrate tools, such as data analytics, into the curriculum.
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