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Dr Judith Burton

Faculty of Health,
School - Public Health and Social Work


Dr Judith Burton
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Health,
School - Public Health and Social Work
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Social Work, Sociology
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PhD (Queensland University of Technology), Bachelor of Education (In-service) (Uni of South Australia)

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Child and Family services, Prevention and intervention in child abuse and neglect, Cross cultural child welfare, Evaluation

* Field of Research code, Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008


Dr Burton is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Academic Programs at the School of Public Health and Social Work, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Burton brings insights from a career in early childhood education and care to her teaching in the child and family services area. She has been at QUT since 1999 and prior to that worked at Griffith University School of Human Services where she helped establish the child welfare major. She also injects an interest in children’s and women’s issues across a number of units offered within the Social Work and Human Services Program. She was a member of the (previously named) Department of Child Safety Research Advisory Group that helped establish the research agenda and protocols within the Department.

Research interests

  • Practitioner decision-making
  • Qualitative research methodologies
  • Collaborative service and program evaluation
  • Child and family services
  • Child and family studies

Judith’s doctoral research examined how the organisational context interacts with professional decision making and she brings this interest to collaborative evaluation.

Project highlights

  • Evaluation of an Early Intervention Project funded by a National Crime Prevention Grant
  • Evaluation of process for establishing a Youth Space
  • Exploration of the views of young people who had experienced homelessness on leaving care
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Teaching areas Judith teaches three units focused on services for children and families. She also provides guest lecturers in a number of units.

Postgraduate supervision: Judith is also on the supervision team of a number of postgraduate student projects including a qualitative study of family communication in Saudi Arabia, an examination of placement trajectories for children and young people in care, and legal decision making regarding children’s participation in family law matters.


Withington, T. (2017). Factors that influence the placement trajectories of children in out-of-home care: Perspectives of carers and children. (PhD thesis) – Principle supervisor

Voight, M. (2017). Is a view ‘better’ than a wish? Considering the child’s view in parenting disputes in Australian family law matters. (Professional doctorate – Doctor of Juridical Science) – Associate supervisor

Alsaedy, F (2015). Khulais and the Impact of Globalisation: Rapid social transformation and the influence on parent-child communication. (PhD thesis) – Principle supervisor

Hu, Y. (2013). Constructions of Children’s needs in Informal Kinship Care in Rural China (PhD thesis) – Associate supervisor

Duthie, D. (2012). Reinvigorating the Domestic Violence Sector: Systemically addressing conflict, power and practitioner turnover (PhD thesis) – Principle supervisor

Kerswell, T. (2011). The global division of labour and the division in global labour (PhD thesis) – Associate supervisor

Rose, J. (2009). A Critical Analysis of Sperm Donation Practices: the personal and social effects of disrupting the unity of Biological and Social Relatedness for the Offspring (PhD thesis) – Associate supervisor

Crichton, M. (2008). The Praxis of Voluntary Service: an investigation of the logic of service in Rotary and Zonta  (PhD thesis) – Associate supervisor

Oliver, J. (2007). The Development of a Professional Framework for Practice (D. Social Science – Professional doctorate) – Principle supervisor

Des Lauriers, J. (2007). The Child Protection Systems’ Response to Domestic Violence (Master of Arts (Research)) – Principle supervisor

Ongoing Supervision

PhD: 2 students as principle supervisor, 4 as associate supervisor.

Master Health Services (Research): 1 as associate supervisor.

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Real World engagement

  • Invited evalution of a children’s contact service
  • Previously a Management Committee Member of a women’s refuge
  • NTEU delegate

International engagement

  • Student supervision Dr HU Yang: Doctoral study of the needs of children left behind with kinship carers when parents migrate for work
  • Student supervision (ongoing) Faiz ALSAEDY: Doctoral study of how family communication in Saudi Arabia is affected by children’s access to media and technology.

Conference papers and reports

Burton, J., Duthie, D. & Lonne, B. (2013). The sociohistorical context of public service motivation and turnover intention: interpreting the motivational context through the lens of the social welfare professional. Paper presented at the 13th Annual Conference of the European Academy of Management. Istanbul: EURAM.

Crane, P., Kaur, J. & Burton, J. (2013). Homelessness and leaving care: the experiences of young adults in Queensland and Victoria, and implications for practice. Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Canberra.

Burton, J. & van den Broek, D. (2006). Information management systems and human service work. In Proceedings Social Change in the 21st Century Conference 2006. Brisbane: Queensland University of Technology.

Burton, J. (2005). Learning from practice dilemmas in the human services: the case of children’s contact centres. In Proceedings Social Change in the 21st Century Conference 2005. Brisbane: Queensland University of Technology.

Burton, J. (2003). In the Child’s Best Interests: Strategies Workers Use to Make Supervised Contact with Non-Residential Parents a Positive Experience for Children. In Proceedings Social Change in the 21st Century, 2003. Brisbane: Queensland University of Technology.

Book chapters

Burton, J., & Lyons, M. (2000). When does a teacher teach? The early childhood profession on trial.  In J. Hayden (Ed.) Landscapes in early childhood education: Cross national perspectives on empowerment (pp.271-286). New York: Peter Lang.

Petrie, A., & Burton, J. (2000). Empowerment and entrapment: Women workers in home-based and centre-based settings.  In J. Hayden (Ed.) Landscapes in early childhood education: Cross national perspectives on empowerment (pp.206-218). New York: Peter Lang.

This information has been contributed by Dr Judith Burton.


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