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Ms Marina Alexander

Faculty of Health,
School - Psychology and Counselling,
Research - CARRSQ


Ms Marina Alexander
Research Officer
Faculty of Health,
School - Psychology and Counselling,
Research - CARRSQ
IHBI Membership
Institute of Health Biomedical Innovation (IHBI),
IHBI Health Projects,
IHBI Psych and Counc - IPTM
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Marina is a researcher in the field of governance and public policy with a particular interest in road safety, urban planning, and resource management. Her work investigates transformative policy solutions that  aim to create safer, more liveable communities.  A starting point for responsive policy solutions is recognising emerging  trends to better anticipate and prepare for societal change. Another focus of her research is mapping political systems in order to understand the opportunities and constraints within government processes. This work explores the formal and informal policy networks that influences decision making across different levels of government. Marina is currently working on a range of research projects across road safety and knowledge transfer in both domestic and international contexts.

Current projects

  • Is 40 the new 50? The case for an national local street speed
  • Pragmatic driving study: scale development and investigation of explanatory power
  • Road safety capacity building in low and middle income countries
  • A journey access tool (JAT) to facilitate mobility-related access for people with disabilities in low and middle income countries
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